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Ingar Næss

Photographer and travel writer


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Oslo, Norway

If you have any questions or tips, I hope you will get in touch.

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Road trip USA -  2022

I start this trip in Orlando in connection with a giant tourism fair and conference, for the USA as a travel destination and experiences. I am here to learn and then be able to give you, my reader, even better tips and advice about vacationing in the USA.

The trip starts on June 9 and I travel north to St. Augustine, then turn sharply to the west and along one of the USA's most beautiful coastlines to New Orleans, the coast towards the Gulf of Mexico. Then drive up along the Mississippi to Memphis and then towards Nashville, but I stop by beautiful and exciting places on the way forward.


I focus on all forms of experiences, music, food and drink, history and culture. For those of you who like or are considering traveling to the USA, I hope that my tips and advice are to your liking and that they can inspire you to take a trip yourself.  Now I am finally home and will start publishing my travel tips and some advice that might be good to take with you on the road in the USA. I probably won't be completely finished until during August, but just ask if you have any questions.

This is my itinerary from Orlando to Nashville.

Orlando - a little adventure!

June 9 St. Augustine

June 10 Panama City Beach and Beloxi

June 11-13 New Orleans

June 13 Houmas House and Gardens

June 14 - 18 New Orleans to Memphis

June 19-20 Nashville

Day 0: This is an interview with one of Norway's perhaps most knowledgeable people about Theme Travel and especially -Orlando.Good trip

Day 1:St. Augustine ca is about 1.5 hours north on great roads.  Historically, this is a pearl and historically very important city for American history, because it was here that the first establishments came.

Day 2.Panama City Beach and  Biloxi.

These are two very different cities along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, but both have their quirks! I was actually very surprised, and in a positive way.

Day 3 and 4 New Orleans Still a very exciting city with many experiences and not a lot of fantastically good food -Restaurant Herbsaintand Restaurant Gianna   

Day 5.Houmas House and GardensThis is a fantastic property and not least an exciting museum, don't drive past.   

Day 11-12 Nashville The Music City.This is only fun if you like music, American food and lots of parties, with history as a great and exciting dessert!

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