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Bakgrunn for mine reisehistorier.


This is not very complicated. I am happy to meet new people, I love good food and good drink and in addition, I am happy to travel, see, experience, learn and not least share my experiences. Since I am a former business leader with collaboration in several large global companies, I have also traveled and experienced a lot. I am now also a business photographer, in, for the 13th year, and using a camera to tell stories is also very pleasant and very stimulating.

As I started with, people are important and I try to meet and talk to as many people as possible to give a little extra soul to the stories, but it's not always easy. So I will be much better there.

If you have tips and ideas, or something you want to share, maybe we can talk together.

I am a member of a number of travel-related social groups and in total, I approach 40,000 readers all over the world, most in Norway, and the next two are Europe and the USA in full!

Get to know me better



Being able to tell stories with good and vivid images makes the stories stronger and more credible. I want my photos to be able to do just that.


Sometimes you are there at the right time to get just the picture you want. Other times you just have to wait like I had to with The Twist



I would like to be among the best travel writers and with my way of telling, you, as my reader, should look forward to experiencing what I have told.

I will also be open to learning and thereby seek dialogue with all the skilled journalists who actually make a living from this profession. Maybe I can teach something about the camera, which I feel quite like

comfortable with.


In the article from New Orleans, I tell about my conversation with Gregg Stafford  who says "I love Norway"!

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