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About me

Travel writer and photographer! I am 70% travel writer and 30% business photographer and enjoy it very much. I love meeting and experiencing people with exciting stories, maybe they are a chef or a musician because I really like good food that tastes good. If you are a wine farmer, then we have something to talk about and tell.

Being able to convey these experiences and spice it up with some great nature as well, wow. Yes, it's like music to my ears, because music is important, we can also watch with a bit of dancing, yes, then it starts to become like a dream. Because that's probably half the holiday and the experience, precisely planning and dreaming about the next trip. Perhaps the next trip will be to the sun, water, and maybe sand, or a boat that sails over to an island with great SPA experiences and other cultural experiences. ​


Having experienced something good is perhaps the best medicine, because when we get home to family and friends, yes, then we can tell and show pictures of the great experiences you and we have had. Yes, this is so good that everyone should be allowed to travel on a "blue prescription"! (it¨s free)


We must not forget where we will stay and spend the night. We should also be able to have a fantastic journey to and from, whether by plane, boat, or car, with or without an engine. I like to combine all this and can stay from five-star hotels to very simple ones so that the experience can be even more educational. Trying out new things is exciting. Yes, this is a bit of how I think and dream and now I am planning several trips to Norway, the Nordic countries, Europe, and the USA / America. I have a real dream about India and Australia, I don't think it has to be during 2024. ​


Since I am at the very beginning of this blog, it is a bit random where the journeys take place, perhaps they will become more targeted over time. ​


I really appreciate feedback, because that is the most important thing. so that I can give you, the reader, more of what you are happy about. Imagine if we like the same thing, then we have something to talk about, so maybe we meet in a cafe one after another in the world! I am looking forward already.

A bit of my photo background and inspiration!

My family always took a lot of family photos, from island trips on Tjøme and elsewhere in the nearby area. These were, for the most part, pasted into beautiful photo albums, which I am very happy about today. In the picture on the right, I am sitting on my grandfather's lap, only 7 months old. The family provided inspiration and I got my first camera when I was 9 years and since then it has gone from strength to strength.


I started as a photographer already in 1977, in my private company called Kreativ Foto. Here I photographed everything from children, weddings, products, and not least Norwegian nature. I sent the nature pictures to a painter in Taiwan who painted them on canvas and these were sold by the thousands in Norwegian shopping centers by my agents.


Much of the profit went to the purchase of photographic equipment and my first Hasselblad camera and studio flash from ElinChrome, all from a company called Roar Bogen AS. In addition, I got a theater painter at NRK to paint beautiful backgrounds of 3x6 meters which I used in various portrait and family photography. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos with these backgrounds, but only one photo I took of my daughter from 1982. The photo was photographed at Prøytz Foto in Horten, on special canvas for photographs.

I worked full-time in other jobs at the same time, but in 1985 I had to make a choice, the management job I had or become a full-time photographer. It ended up that I sold all my equipment to Morten Krogvold. After that, I didn't touch a camera for Christmas Eve 2009. The first pictures I took were on Munck's bridge, Girls on the Bridge. That picture and the picture of my daughter hang in front of me in the office and I glance up at right as it is. So does a photo from my best and most creative photography week on Vågå together with Morten Krogvold. I received the famous Vågå award, for effort, concern for fellow participants, and great photographs. I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography. ​


In 2010 due to the financial crisis, I was tired of working with analysis and business consulting in my own company, and then one day a friend asked me if I could help him with a photo assignment. I agreed and a few months later my first website for StudioF2 was up and running. The start of this was formidable, but in 2016 I sharpened the strategy and focused on business photography, as today. Time passed and the desire to travel increased and I took another step and established ​


I traveled to the USA and Cuba, Spain and had plans for several other destinations. Then there was a 90% sudden stop due to Corona, but in the year 2022, the world started opening up again and the travels started. Now you can read my experiences and tips here. ​


I look forward to taking you on my trips.

Ingar Næss

Ingar Næss

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