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Press and PR

Here, as my partner, you will find links and information about me as a journalist, what I like to write about, where I post articles, photos, reels, etc. As I am an enthusiast and freelancer, I do not have direct income, but accept offers for accommodation, catering and experiences so that I can carry out the trips. Airlines and rental cars, public transport are also part of my sponsors and collaboration partners.

Hvit bakgrunn

Some details for PR and Press, as well as tourism-related offices and organisations

Here you will find some information about my trips and plans

Example from the USA

You can see my articles from this 3-week trip around the USA. Sponsors Iceland Air, Hertz, Visit New Orleans and local tourist agencies along the entire route. See my 12 articles

UK 2023

This year I am planning a trip to the southern part of England and here is a link to this document. The dates aren't quite clear yet where I'll be when, but expect to start in the Kent and Dover area on June 11th and drive west and then north before turning towards London again on June 19th

See more specific information

UK 23-24

I am open to more trips in the UK both summer and spring, perhaps also for Christmas shopping


Since many of our readers are also golfers, we like to travel on trips where golf is part of the program, both in England, Scotland and N Ireland

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