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Here you will find tips and history about the top of Oslo, here you will find the entrance to Oslo's beautiful nature and hiking advice for anyone who enjoys walking and skiing. In addition, you will find great places to eat such as the Frongnerseteren restaurant

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Here you can read about the history of the Holmenkollen ski jump, and you can also experience floating yourself from the top of the tower. The ski museum and several historic restaurants. Holmenkollen was the Olympic venue in 1952.


Here you can both read about the museum and not least about who Gustav Vigeland was and was. I have tried to dig a little deeper to learn more about this great visual artist. Blue. was Paris the place where he understood that it was legal to show erotic works, if you only turned them into a story. So a good sculpture says more than 1000 words!


If the word "Freedom" means anything to you, this is a "must see" place. A wonderful narrative about the war and all its losers and fighters, who ensured that we won our Freedom back. In these days of Putin's war, we need to think a little more about what we have and what we might lose.


This is a place to both enjoy and experience. Frognerparken lives all year round both through all the tourists, but also all of Oslo's citizens who take a walk in this beautiful facility, which is adorned with Vigeland's wonderful sculptures, almost every day. Something for every taste.

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