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ESSE Purse Museum & Store, - Little Rock

Travel tips when going to Little Rock. ESSE Purse Museum & Store, Anita Davis, daughter of Betty Davis, had a dream to explore new concepts of art, history and the feminine. She has done it brilliantly!

Definition; The name ESSE comes from the Latin infinitive for "to be", meaning that a bag is not just a bag in which a woman carries her necessities, but an extension of her personal space, i.e. the essence of the things that make her "her".

Bilder er fra Esse

If or when you visit this museum, you will discover that the choice of a "bag" tells a lot about the woman and her evolving position in the public sphere. ESSE's permanent exhibition honors and celebrates the progress of the 20th century American woman – decade by decade – through the "lens" of her purse and especially its contents.

The museum is becoming a cultural hub for women's heritage and storytelling in Central Arkansas. ESSE's delightful museum shop offers high quality and highly unusual handbags, as well as quirky, eclectic jewellery; scarf; books; and other items - many handmade by local, national and international artisans. The purses range from leather, wood, felt and other materials to rubber and recycled materials. With price points across the spectrum, the store offers something for everyone – including signature ESSE logo T-shirts, mugs and postcards.

On my walk in this unique museum, I met a grandmother, Lionda, and her grand child, in an intense study of the different decades.

Linda says that her granddaughter Emma is a little "over the edge" interested in everything that touches feminine things and the stories behind them. She loves this technology and especially this museum. It was easy to understand when I observed them. Here, the details were very important. Carly, who told me about the story behind it, says that something that is special and interesting is precisely all the young people who find this mouse exciting. I enjoy myself every day I come to work, she says with a big smile.

So for me, it's just a welcome, next time you're in Little Rock. Little Rock is located between Hot Springs and Memphis on the min Road Trip 2022, if you want to read this whole trip through more than 10 states, Click her.

Kart to Esse.


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