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Zadar: A Travel Guide to Croatia's Hidden Gem

Croatia's Hidden Gem

When one thinks of Croatia, it is often Dubrovnik or Split that catches the eye. But let us take you on a journey to a city that is just as breathtaking, but less well known: Zadar. This charming city, rich in history and culture, offers a unique blend of old and new, waiting to be explored by adventurous travelers.

From Oslo with Norwegian to Zadar in Croatia

Old Town Streets: A Walk Through History

Zadar's Old Town is like a living museum. As you wander through the cobbled streets, you are embraced by history. Roman ruins, such as the impressive forum, stand side by side with Byzantine churches such as the Church of St. Donatus. Every corner of this city tells a story, and the charming atmosphere will capture your heart.

Modern Wonders: Sea Organ and Salute to the Sun

Zadar is also home to two of the most unique modern installations in Europe. The sea organ, an artistic masterpiece, lets you experience music created by the sea itself. Next to it is Hilsen til Solen, a light installation that in the evening transforms into a mesmerizing light show. These two attractions alone are worth the trip.

Tasty Experience: From Seafood to Wine

Croatian food is a feast for the senses, and Zadar is no exception. Start the day with a traditional Croatian coffee in one of the many charming cafes. Explore local markets and taste Pag cheese and Dalmatian ham. For an unforgettable dinner, visit one of the city's many seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh fish and shellfish, perfectly prepared with a view of the Adriatic Sea. Don't forget to taste local wine; Croatia is known for its exquisite wines.

Live Like a Local: Accommodation in Zadar

When it comes to accommodation, Zadar offers a wide range of options. Choose a cozy apartment in the old town to really feel the pulse of the city. For those seeking luxury, there are several boutique hotels that offer exquisite service and stunning views. Or why not try a charming villa on the outskirts of town for a more relaxing experience?

  • There is a large selection of accommodation options which I will present a little later. If you need a recommendation, just ask and I'll send alternatives, completely free.

Nature and Adventure: Beyond the City Limits

For nature lovers, Zadar is a paradise. Take a day trip to Plitvice Lakes or Krka Falls to experience some of Europe's most amazing natural phenomena. The islands around Zadar, such as Ugljan and Dugi Otok, offer beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for a relaxing day or to try your hand at snorkeling and diving.

A City that Lives: Festivals and Culture

Zadar's cultural scene is lively and varied. In the summer, the city is transformed with music, film and art festivals. Attend concerts under the stars, watch independent films in open-air cinemas, or explore local art galleries.

A Final Thought

Zadar is not just a destination; it's an experience. From the historic streets of the old town to the modern Sea Organ, from gourmet meals to idyllic beaches, this city has something for everyone. So when planning your next trip, remember Zadar – a city waiting to share its beauty and secrets with you.

More articles are coming about both accommodation options and activities.

Day Trips to National Parks : Plan a trip to Plitvice Lakes or Krka Falls to experience Croatia's magnificent nature.

Visit Nearby Islands : Take a boat trip to the islands of Ugljan or Dugi Otok for beautiful beaches and relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoy Cultural Events :

Check out local festivals and events, especially in the summer, for a real Croatian cultural experience.

Flights and transport options:

  • From the Airport : Zadar's airport is close to the city, with buses and taxis available for transport to the city centre. - In 2024 , Norwegian will fly from Oslo Airport in the period June-Aug. See departures

  • Within the City : The Old City is best explored on foot. Public transport and bicycle rental are also available.

  • To National Parks : Organized day trips from Zadar are available, or you can hire a car for more flexibility.

  • To the Islands : There are regular ferry and boat trips from Zadar's harbor to nearby islands.

With these main points, you are well prepared for a first-class experience in Zadar, full of culture, nature and culinary delights!

Have a nice trip - Croatia articles are updated continuously


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