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Soon you can explore the south of England


The routh is soon fixed and we have desided were to go and what to see, eat and sleep.

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Comming soon

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The road trip is comming 15. july 2023

Now I´m preparing a 10-day round trip to explore and learn about the beautiful southern part of England, with the aim of inspiring more Norwegians to plan their upcoming holiday here. They will be tempted by beautiful nature, lovely English villages, exciting history, and good local food and get recommendations for reputable hotels and accommodations.

I will write more than 10 to 15 articles so please help me with great idees!

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Comming soon

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Your hotels or others?

Comming soon

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Take contact if you want my visit!

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I love to listen to your offers. or call me at +4790117570 and we can discuss how we can work together and present your hotels, restaurant, pub or inn.


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