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New Orleans, is far more than a Bourbon street!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

(will be updated with more tips)

New Orleans, is a city with tons of history and daily parties, yes lots of parties. There is no doubt, 20 million tourists come here to have a good time, but the city has so much more if you take the trip outside Bourbon street in The French quarter. New Orleans is not stuck in the past, new cocktail bars, eateries, and live music bars are turning old neighborhoods into modern and trendy hangouts. One of the areas is called the Warehouse District, where I myself had two pleasant dining experiences. No matter where you eat, most people are looking for the tunes of the real New Orleans musicians, so also for me, I got a pleasant surprise.

Let me immediately recommend at least 3-4 days to get the most important things. It will do for a bit of the weekend, if you are not under 25 and want it to be a real hit. When I was here in June 2022, it was as if all stag parties, birthdays and weddings, which had not been celebrated in the last two years, had been unleashed. The mood was very very high, without any negativity, just lots of joy and celebration, in all camps.

This is what the tourist office for New Orleans says in an email to me today 26/6-22! Remember to point out that New Orleans is the Cultural Capital of the South and we are in the middle of celebrating 2022 with the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Mardi Gras, NCAA Men's Final Four, Navy Week, Zurich Classic, French Quarter Festival, Jazz Fest, and more more, so just book your tickets now.

Allstate Sugar Bowl

If you are going here this summer, we also have the big Essence Festival of Culture and not least the NOLAxNOLA music festival which starts in September, 23/9 to 9 October.

It is also said that New Orleans invites you to take it easy in the morning, but my tip is to get out as early as possible, when the temperature is a little more comfortable. If you are interested in a trip with a paddle steamer, you must book in advance and the same can also apply to those who want a trip into the swamps.

Sump tour can be, for example, with Cajun Encounters. Here the prices vary from 35$ to 60$, if you want to be called. Here is real southern nature with lots of animals and not least crocodiles. They get enough food so there is no danger of attack, if we are to believe the guide.

If you are going to take a student cruise, for example with the New Orleans Steamboat Company, you will find prices from $40 to $55 with/lunch. Everyone who got off the boat seemed very happy with the experience. There are several boat companies, so check what suits you best when you arrive yourself.

If you then want a two-hour walk in the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city, with a visit to the Great Hall as well, this is an option. The guide quickly delves into architectural highlights of the French Quarter stories of notable locals.

Tonight I'm going to an iconic concert with the real "old guys". The concert venue is called Preservation Hall and is located in the French Quarter, not far from Bourbon street, but first I'm going out to eat at one of New Orleans's best restaurants looking forward to this.

Herbsaint Restaurant (c)

Herbsaint is located in the new and popular area Warehouse District, tomorrow's restaurant is Gianna. I can already reveal that this was a big positive surprise, even though I had high expectations. Click on the links to enjoy two delicious meals with me! Guaranteed to make you a little hungry! I have been looking forward to this for many days, real New Orleans rhythms!

Preservation Hall is a small venue, with room for around 50 people, with ancient wooden benches, but you forget that as soon as they start playing. This is real New Orleans Jazz. There is a very good atmosphere in the venue and the very best are there for those who love music! The rest of us all had a great time for just under an hour and when it was over we were allowed to take out the camera, but without flash! I was lucky and had a good conversation with 2/3 of the band after the concert and then came the big surprise.

I introduced myself and said that I came from Norway, and the trumpeter really woke up and shouted;

"I love Norway and I love Oslo".

Then he told me that he had two sons who lived in Tromsø, in the far north of Norway, and that he had been to Norway several times. His name is Gregg Stafford and I had to promise to say hello to his good friend, Gunnar Gotaas in Magnolia Jazzband. - So then it's done. Unfortunately there was a queue behind me of others who also wanted a photo, but thanks for the time I got! After such a wonderful concert, it is only natural to concentrate and seek out more of the bars and restaurants that have live music, and here in New Orleans they are like pearls on a string in this area.

The next day it's time for a bit of history and the tip is to take the lift all the way up at Vue Orleans.

On the way up the elevator, you get a taste of the story and history of New Orleans. In addition to a fantastic view, you get a great presentation of the blacks' fight for their rights and the right to vote. I recommend that you set aside at least an hour up here. If you get thirsty or hungry, they also have a small cafe at the very top where you can also walk around outside on the terrace.

Where you can stay: Yes, you have to make up your own mind about this question, but there are a lot of options on e.g. AirBnB central and sometimes with parking. There is plenty to choose from here, as there are over 6,600 offers to choose from. It goes without saying that this has become a competitor to the hotels from which there are still many to choose from.

I myself stayed super centrally at the New Orleans Marriot, 555 Canal Street. This is a large hotel with 40 floors, perfectly OK service, but parking costs a whopping $45 per day. This is approx. the price per day in the entire and ity centre. If you want street parking, I recommend that you find a hotel a little outside the city centre. The hotel is clean and the beds are amazing, at least for my back! There is a great bar in the reception area and good restaurants where, breakfast is served.

There are plenty of buses and trams running on Canal Street and Uber is just around the next corner. If you have to call for a taxi, it can cost more than double if you have to drive a distance. Then you never know when they will arrive. If they are outside the hotel and you are only going for a short trip, it is perfectly fine to use a taxi or Uber, that is my experience.

The history of New Orleans in a nutshell: New Orleans was founded as French Nouvelle-Orléans on a bend of the east bank of the Mississippi River in 1718. The engineer Adrien de Pauger drew up the earliest town plan that included the present Vieux Carré and consisted of 66 squares forming a parallelogram. In 1721, New Orleans had 470 inhabitants and the following year was named Louisiana's capital. From 1763 to 1802, the city belonged to Spain, then France again until 1803, when the Louisiana Territory was sold to the United States. The city grew rapidly, first with American, French, Creole and African population elements and later with European immigrants. Slaves worked on large sugarcane and cotton plantations outside the city. In the 1840s, many German and Irish immigrants immigrated. On canals and railways, products were exported north-east to New York, among other places. New Orleans became one of the world's largest port cities, and on the west bank of the Mississippi River, the district of Algiers grew rapidly. Read more:

Tonight there are new culinary delights at the restaurant Gianna, Warehouse District

When you choose to travel to New Orleans, plan what you want to experience and book as soon as you arrive if you want guided tours. It gets full quickly. As I said, New Orleans is a city where you have to set aside at least 3-4 more days to get the most important things in, but the more time, the more experiences. I had a great time and I think you will too, no matter what time of year you come. Autumn is super good and has lots of activities. hourHave a very good trip

The next stop is Houmas House and Gardens less than one hours from New Orleans


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