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Nashville - The Music City!

Here you can go from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant and enjoy both music, food, drink and lots of nice people, who are here for the same thing! (updated)

There is no doubt that Nashville is The Music City! Not only is the music good, but the atmosphere is unique. What is the reason for that. Well, I spoke to many people and the conclusion is that history makes it fun and inspiring to travel here, learn and listen to those who can. The tourists say the same, it's fun to be here, the atmosphere is always at its best. There is much to see and even more to listen to. In addition, it is allowed to have a little extra fun, both as a young person and for those over thirty!

Well seen from my eyes, there were many well over 40 and 50 who enjoyed themselves, yes even those who had turned sixty and seventy years young.

Let's let age be age to have some fun. There are many very good bands playing here and the atmosphere is high from "high noon" until late at night!

Variety is what fills the heart and soul of The Music City, and there's never a shortage of inspiring things to do. Lovely sounds that fill our ears with old songs and, as many would say, our hearts too. Nashville satisfies and honors both past and present.

I'm told that Nashville's creative community is like an artist scene filled with art galleries, theaters and music scenes. Yes, here you will find everything from music, culture and art to food, sports and shopping, yes Nashville is waiting for you.

Let's start in the Johnny Cash museum. We've been on a trip home to mr Cash, where he grew up, but today we are going to learn much more about the story of this incredibly highly acclaimed American musician.

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Johnny Cash Museum is dedicated to the life and music career of the Man in Black.

The exhibition is and has the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Johnny Cash items and memorabilia that tell about Cash's legacy and life. Here you can see costumes, instruments, personal letters, artwork and handwritten texts as well as contributions from family members and special friends.

Nashville Parent magazine recognized the museum for its appeal to all ages, as the entire exhibit is very child-friendly. You can experience a three-dimensional journey through the life and livelihood of JC and cherish the experience throughout the mulitteen to shop from the wide selection of Cash souvenirs, clothing and rare collectables in the museum shop. (it went away here, believe me)

Out on the street again, I meet Caroline, which is the artist's name, and she told me that she made a good living from this activity. It was important to give the tourists what they wanted and as long as she "hit" it dropped anywhere from a dollar, to sometimes twenty and the exception was fifty dollars down the box. In any case, 2x2 hours and a new workplace many times during the week. She thrived 98% of the time, but there are always some "shitbags" who will ruin everyday life. In any case, we wish her the best of luck and a safe journey ahead.

Both summer, autumn and spring are perfect to visit Nashville and popular Broadway Street, yes this should be at the top of your list when you are in this city. With many artists, exciting nightlife, first class restaurants and historical charm, yes Nashville has it all, when I sum up everything I hear and read.

This is what you must see: - Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, - RCA Studio B became known as the birthplace of the "Nashville Sound", a style characterized by background vocals and strings that helped establish Nashville as an international recording center, located on Nashville's Music Row. - For songwriters who have not played at Bluebird before and who come from other places around the country and the world to try, Open Mic at Bluebird is the place to start. They also say you can try out new material, meet other songwriters and become part of the songwriting community. Anyone is eligible to play on Open Mic as long as your material is original!

Here is some good restaurant tips.

I start with Etch. Etch is an internationally inspired restaurant with award-winning chef Deb Paquette. Located in downtown Nashville, the restaurant features a kitchen bar where guests are encouraged to chat with Deb. Etch's exciting menu is inspired by her favorite areas around the world, but it is probably the Italian cuisine that stands out the most.

So if you're going to have a proper brunch, Liberty Common is the place I recommend. Exciting typically American varieties to choose from.

Bourbon Steak, yes it's in the name, simple as that. If you want the best, then this is the place, but not just for meat, here you'll also hit the mark with the seafood, guaranteed. Here you also get a great view, if that counts. The chef Mina has a myriad of honorable achievements, including a Michelin star at Michel Mina from 2012 to 2018, a James Beard Foundation "Who's Who of Food & Beverage" induction in 2013, and Bon Appétit's Chef of the Year 2005. So then I guess I'll just say, - Bon Appétit

I don't have more than one hotel to recommend, but it's absolutely outstanding and actually not that expensive. I got a good discount on The hotel is called Dream Nashville and is centrally located and close to Broadway. Good food if you want to eat at the hotel and, of course, good, quiet music to accompany the food.

So then just say Dream on!

Now I am both full of impressionsand a little tired after a long trip. My Road Trip is nearing its end, but there will be several smaller articles, not least one on a proper Girl Power home journey. There will also be one with tips on many different things that might be nice to think about when you are going to the USA. In addition, more tips on accommodation, both hotels at the top and simple motels a little further down the ranking. Then there is one from Orlando, a dream for everyone who has children or is like a child themselves and wants to live it out. There will also be travel tips on trips and experiences from some of the people I have met on this trip, - over 3.000 miles. If there is something I have completely forgotten, you can send me a message or email. +4790117570 and or



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