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Travel tips Italy, Rome via Ostia, and home!

If you haven't been to Rome before, enjoy yourself, but plan well in terms of what you want to experience! It is easier to change good plans than not having done the work in advance. This article is not a big "Roma story", since we only had one shopping day. But one good tip that makes Rome a bit unique for me is the catacombs, they have a history that you mustn't forget to take with you, whether it's your first trip, or if you've just never been there.

Roma, Spansketrappen (c) Ingar Næss

Well, we had booked a hotel near the "Spanish Steps" and therefore had a short walk to the center, since our shopping was now on the "stairs"! I'm not the best at recommending big cities in the heat, but my wife loves it. Well, it turned out ok for me too, because shopping centers and shops have air conditioning, heh heh!

I just want to emphasize that this is not a picture of what was shopped, but if you want to see all the luxury brands in one place, this center is right up your alley. Rinascentre. Otherwise, Rome is a pleasant city and sitting down at a random street restaurant and have something to eating and watch the life, which is in itself quite entertaining.

The hotel we stayed at this time was small, but had a nice roof terrace. Here we were able to enjoy the warm evening with something refreshing and cold, while we recharged for tomorrow's efforts and the last transfer before the departure back to Norway. The hotel is called Hotel La Fenice and was chosen on the basis that we were only going to sleep there and for that purpose it was perfectly fine. As I said, the terrace was nice, but we had to turn on the light ourselves, - even though they said there should be light there until 10:00 p.m., but if you let the reception know, they'll sort it out. Due to Corona, the check-in desks at a hotel were on the other side of the building, about 60 meters to walk. Very pleasant service.

Hyggelig utsikt. (c) Ingar Naess

My best tip for an important and different experience in Rome.

Since we have been to Rome several times, I will give you one important tip, which I feel very few people visit and that is the Catacombs. This huge underground cemetery was excavated by Christians in Rome from the 3rd to 5th century AD. because of the tragic persecutions, ordered by Roman emperors, which set out to wipe out the Christians. I won't tell you more, just book a trip with "Get your guide" etc. and look and listen. I still think about this experience several years later. Yes, this made an impression and I promise you that you will never look at pictures or video to understand what this actually was. This must be experienced!

Ostia Antica was the port city of ancient Rome!

The view from the room at hotel Smy Aran Blu Roma Mare!

We were not shown what awaited us when we chose a hotel that was close to the airport to avoid a lot of queues and perhaps chaos. Experience shows that there is a lot of traffic on the road to the airport, some of which is based on collisions several times a day. If we had seen what this area has to offer, we would certainly have chosen an extra day here.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Ostia Antica was the port city of ancient Rome. The city was located at the mouth of the river Tiber, and was allegedly founded by Ancus Marcius, Rome's fifth king. When the Roman Empire dissolved, Ostia fell into disrepair, and the city was abandoned in the 8th century, among other reasons of Arab sea attacks. In the Middle Ages, stone from Ostia's ruins was used for several other buildings."

Like many of Italy's most important archaeological ruins, Ostia Antica is not easy to interpret to the untrained eye, but with a guide you will be able to gain an understanding of this ancient city's historical highlights such as the necropolis, amphitheatre, baths and Diana's house.

We found two good hotels, but the first, Fly Decó Hotel, was full, while the second, Smy Aran Blu Roma Mare, had the same view at a better price. Top location for one night. Fly Deco is closer to a very pleasant city center with many good restaurants.

NB! The first place we considered booking, Affittacamere Sunset! I we here send a warning. When something is too good to be believed, it often isn't. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, but that place is not worth the money. When we passed this address it looked like a rubbish trail. Think twice before choosing Affittacamere Sunset. If I'm wrong, I'm the first to apologise, but my goal with my blog is to be honest, give good tips so that your experience will be the best possible.

Now our trip is over for this time and we have experienced many new areas, new accommodation and not least many wonderful restaurants, which for me is one of the most important things.

We are traveling home with Norwegian, from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, officially; Aeroporto internazionale di Roma-Fiumicino is an international airport at Fiumicino outside Rome.

Arrival and departure went very easily and without any problems. Returning the rental car from Hertz was also very easy.

Recommendation! Everything goes super fast with Hertz membership and the prices are great! *)Hertz gold member, sign up right away and most things will be a breeze when you have to pick up a car at full airports.


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