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Travel tip USA: Elvis, Memphis, Tennessee and Graceland

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Memphis in Tennessee, or Elvis Tennessee, because that's probably what most people think of when they go to this city.

But let's start at the beginning because when I drove into Memphis a huge glass pyramid appeared and it turned out that this is a huge center for "outdoor sport and joy".

Fantastic building in the background of my Hertz rental car!

But now it's Bale Street that counts and which is my first goal here in Memphis, - and here there was just so much life that I could feel that this would be good.

This afternoon and evening the trip goes to Beale Street, where the sound of old blues legends hangs in the walls. Today, the street is known for all its restaurants with live music where the party lasts well into the late hours of the night.

I had a few pleasant hours here and met both Englishmen and Americans. One of these guys was a Manchester United fan, but when he heard that I was from Norway he said: "I really hope that Braut Haaland succeeds, at City, he is a really good young player. It will be fun to follow him" and then we toast to it!

I popped into several of the bars and listened to the different bands and picked out a couple to listen to more tomorrow!

Now it was early to bed because I had a busy schedule the next day! Graceland a dream for many Elvis fans!

Yes, the day started with a trip to Graceland, the home of Elvis. (I bought a VIP ticket, but it was a waste because you end up in a queue with all the others anyway, I might have saved a few minutes, but not recommended. ) Welcome to Graceland. With Elvis' tunes in your ear, you just had to "step inside". It was actually quite exciting to visit one of the world's most visited private homes.

Here there were many impressions and great variations. Here you can see some of the rooms and interior, the back of the house, which appeared somewhat neutral, even the swimming pool was quite small.

When you wander around, you get a guided audio file that you hang around your neck and which follows you on your round around the house. It means that you get to know Elvis the person and the artist a little more. The visit ends at the grave. I tried to drive up in my own car to take a picture, but it took five seconds before the first guard stopped me, so it was just a bad picture outside the gate!

No doubt this is a million "stores", but the vast majority of those I spoke to who were on the tour were very enthusiastic and loved everything they experienced. I'm pretty sure they were going to play Elvis music in the car when they left here to prolong the experience.

On the opposite side of Graceland, there are a number of exhibitions dealing with the myth and the man Elvis. It's a bit of fun to have been here and seen how he lived and all the costumes, boats, and not least, cars he had. Here you have a small selection of all the cars that can be found in the exhibition. Notice the simple boat up against all the incredibly exclusive cars.

Then the trip goes to Sun Studio

Sun Studio - is the place where the air vibrates with music history. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Ike Turner have all recorded mega hits in the tiny studio. Exciting, so you have to make the trip here for it to be complete. Fits well with some black/white photos too. Next, soak up some more history and visit the National Civil Rights Museum/Lorraine Motel, featuring Martin Luther King.

It was here that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on that fateful day in 1968 – and in room 306 everything is as it was that day. The rest of the museum deals with the history of the civil rights movement.

As previously said, the evening was used to listen to several good bands that filled the streets with a good atmosphere.

When you have to plan your trip due to the time you have at your disposal and you may have to choose between Memphis or Nashville, I recommend that you take both with you and rather cut down on the number of attractions you choose to see.

If you are here, you must fill up your "memory book"! But welcome to Nashville.



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