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Purobeach the place of pleasure. Palma de Mallorca

We are still in Palma de Mallorca and will enjoy the days of sun and swimming. If you stay at one of the Puro hotels, you have several advantages of great value!

Purobeach Palma

Purobeach is an exclusive beach club that offers a combination of relaxation, entertainment and a luxurious atmosphere. It has two different locations in Palma de Mallorca, Spain:

Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas. If you stay at one of the hotels, you also get very good offers when you use these places. You can also use the Puro shuttle free of charge for transport to and from both locations.

Purobeach Palma:

Purobeach Palma is located on the beautiful Playa de Palma beach, near the center of Palma de Mallorca. Purobeach has an impressive seafront promenade with a pool area, sunbeds, luxurious lounge areas and a restaurant.

Purobeach Palma is known for its relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, offering a combination of music, food, drink and well-being. The place is especially popular for sunsets and DJ performances.

Lunch at Purobeach Palma

At lunchtime we decide to eat our lunch at the restaurant, a white modernist space with cozy touches of local and Asian decor. We choose a table on the terrace, even though the indoor part of the restaurant looks very tempting.

The menu

The menu is innovatively composed of modern street food-inspired food. There are Puro Classics, like the Puro Burger, Puro Brioche Caesar Salad, Fish Taco, Chicken Quesadillas, Pulled Pork Nachos and the famous Gino dessert.

There is also a selection of local dishes and seafood, such as Langostinos TNT, Grilled Calamar, Paella Pagesa (seafood, vegetables and Iberian pork), Paella Negra Ciega (black rice with squid, prawns and asparagus) and Paella de Langosta (Lobster Paella).

In the evening you can enjoy the sunset and enjoy yourself with friends.

I would recommend this place if you want youthful rhythms that fill the day in an entertaining way. If you feel a bit out of sorts towards the afternoon, all you have to do is enjoy and let loose.

Purobeach Illetas:

Purobeach Illetas is the place you choose when you want peace and quiet. The area is located in the beautiful bay of Illetas, approximately nine kilometers west of Palma de Mallorca. Purobeach is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and has direct access to the Mediterranean.

Purobeach Illetas offers sunbeds, a pool, a restaurant and a bar. Known for its exclusive and relaxed atmosphere, this location offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beach and sea in an elegant setting.

Both Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas are popular destinations for those who want to relax, enjoy good company and experience a luxurious beach club experience in Palma de Mallorca.

It is important to note that prices, opening hours and specific offers may vary, so you may want to visit their official websites for up-to-date information.

Talk to the reception where you live.

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