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Panama City Beach - sun and summer every day, white sand, warm water and much more!

This coast one of the most beautiful I have experienced in Florida. Here you can start in Panama City Beach and choose up to ten beautiful gems on your way to New Orleans if that is your goal too. But let's start here in PCB, as it is abbreviated locally

If you are on a Road Trip, you should set aside at least two to three days and just enjoy, because the main reason you are going here is to enjoy the chalk white beaches, the boat trips and all the good seafood. If you choose to come here as a family, you will be able to enjoy yourself both during the day and in the evening, as there are plenty of offers for the children as well. How to spend the night!

There are many hotels right on the beach, but you can also rent a home through VRBO or Airbnb. The vast majority of couples choose a hotel and stay in a central location, but one recommendation I received was, among other things, Sheraton Bay Point Resort, just a few miles from downtown. A good choice if you are interested in a view of the bay, spa days, boat trips, beaches and golf, but as I said there is plenty to choose from. Those who choose a house often travel together and share the rent. What do you want to eat! Seafood is a must while in PCB, though. If you're a Donut fan, you have to visit Thomas, they're the best! Call ahead if you want a GIANT donut! It's 1000% Instagram worthy! They also have ice cream and serve burgers and fries, sausages "you name it" as my guide said! Bonus, you get an amazing view because it's right across from the beach!

As I said, the seafood offers are many, but several mentioned Bayou Bill's Crab House, Captain Anderson's and The Grand Marlin, all for good food and a lovely view of the bay. Continue the epic views after dinner with a ride on the SkyWheel and see the entire Panama City Beach strip lit up at night.

There is plenty to choose from. Visit Andy's

If you want to go to a proper, old and local breakfast or lunch restaurant, Andy's is recommended. This restaurant has been around for over 40 years. I stopped by here and asked to have a local lunch with everything including drinks. I didn't show that what I thought was iced tea was a real drink, tested with the tongue and yes it had an exciting taste as they had recommended. The food was good and the atmosphere hectic, really local

What to do

Tip is get to the beach by 09.00, then you get the best parking space, if you need it, and a great place in the first row down towards the water. Several say that it can be smart to bring a beach chair and an extra towel. Remember there is a lot of sand, lovely white sand! So you MUST use sunscreen, it's better to use a high factor and not get burned, because you will if you're sloppy. Bring drinks or find a place where it is not too far to go to the bunker.

NB! Stay out of the water on double red flag days. Plan a day without the beach. There is so much to do in Panama City Beach beyond the sand. Helicopter tours are always fun! You can take a tour over PCB, and you will see the beatyful city in five minnutes. Preferably do it on the first day, so you have the overview in mind when planning the rest of your stay.

Sky Weel in Pir Park - look at the video beelow

As mentioned, a trip with Sky Wheel is great, here you also get a good overview, great both day and night. A boat trip to Shell Island to relax on the white sand beaches you'll find there, but without the big crowds! Otherwise, there is plenty of entertainment for families with children. This can't be compared to Orlando, to say the least, but there are plenty of different options, even indoors in the event of a raindrop or two, which isn't very likely.

Rental car with a little extra - LOOK

Should you wish to rent a slightly more supercar, there are many possibilities. Here you see an example. There are so many water sports rentals available such as pontoon boats and jet ski rentals and from a nearby marina you can go deep sea fishing and snorkeling with the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail and other dive sites in the Gulf of Mexico. Concerts in the Park During the summer months between June and August, Visit Panama City Beach hosts free concerts every Thursday night in Aaron Bessant Park. Pack a cooler with drinks and snacks, and bring a blanket or chair to sit and enjoy the music. Here the children can play, while you dance or relax all night. Don't forget - it's free! Then you have the parks. It's good to plan on days without too much sun, because it can get hot. Here you can choose from several and my suggestions are St Andrews State Park on the east side and Conservation Park further west. (blir oppdatert)

Thank you for this trip here. I think you will experience Panama City Beach as a very good alternative to Miami and other places on the east coast of Florida, yes maybe better, except if it is the parties you are looking for. For families, this is a wonderful altarpiece, and then in a mini format compared to Orlando.

If you are on a road trip:

Remember that there is a lot of beautiful and pleasant places along the entire coastal strip to Biloxi, where I am traveling now. You can choose to drive a great coastal route or take Highway 10, on the way to New Orleans.


Panama City Beach is a resort town in Bay County, Florida, United States, on the Gulf of Mexico. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 12,018. The city is often referred to under the umbrella term "Panama City" and PCB.

Next stop Biloxi the incredibly nice little town, close to New Orleans.


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