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Hotel tips, Italy, Sabaudia, on the Italian Riviera, south of Rome.

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Il San Francesco Charming Hotel

Text and photo Ingar Næss. (c) (90% translated to English from Norwegian by Google) NB! all my photos on this trip were taken with the iPhone 11.

Bay the se side
Il San Francesco Charming Hotel, (c) Ingar Naess, Norway

This was the summer of 2022 when the heat wave swept across Europe, except in the Nordics.

Since we had chosen a car, we also had greater freedom to choose areas and through that also hotels. The first stop was in the area of ​​Sabaubia and the hotel, Il San Francesco Charming, it looked very nice in the presentation on and yes it was actually far better than expected.

Use Google Maps to find your way. You must follow the intersections so that you do not drive past.

The hotel and the car from Hertz
Il San Francesco Charming Hotel, (c) Ingar Naess, Norway

The hotel is privately owned, which also has a positive impact. If you are concerned about the cleanliness and good breakfasts included in the price, this is something you can look forward to.

Il San Francesco Charming Hotel, (c) Ingar Naess, Norway

The rooms are good and can be much better if you spend a few kroner, then you can get your own terrace and a view of the garden and a beautiful bay that is right next to the property.

l San Francesco Charming Hotel, (c) Ingar Naess, Norway

It was precisely here that we found our own little private oasis where we enjoyed ourselves for several days. Service and the serving were top-notch, but they are a little bad in English, but most things can be solved with Google in hand. If you are here on the right dates, they also offer light entertainment, but unfortunately, we missed this. Otherwise, we can recommend dinner at the hotel, but we chose to go to a small town, Sabaubia, a maximum of ten minutes away, by car. This is a very 'local' town for Italians and doesn't expect a large selection of shopping, but they do have some good restaurants and a super good ice cream parlor. We ate at Bar Lo Spuntino and certainly got a taste of Italy both here and......

på andre siden av gaten hvor vi inntok kaffe og italiensk is på Bar Italia - Caffetteria e Gelateria.

You will find miles of beaches in these areas northwards from Sabaubia (c) Ingar Naess, Norway

Those of you who like to get sand between your toes can rejoice. Here there are miles of beaches and the hotel has its own plot with the possibility of renting sunbeds for 40 euros per day, for two beds and a parasol. The water is great and the temperature is exactly where it should be.

When it comes to dining on the beach, we have no recommendations. You mustn't have too high expectations here, but you can get full. If you want a hotel right down by the beach, there are several options.

How to drive from Rome I have a tip for you who want to drive along the coast from Rome and down here and or further down. Don't do it, there are narrow roads, lots of queues and often accidents. Take S-148 as far as you can and you'll have more time to enjoy yourself when you arrive.

Feel free to follow us, and feel free to read articles from the areas around Sorrento and a place called Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi.

or to Pozzuoli, west for Napels

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