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Girlpower, - in the air!

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Yes, indeed, on my way home from my Road Trip in the USA in 2022, I got a positive surprise at Raleigh - Durham International Airport. We sat and waited for the Iceland Air plane that was supposed to take us to Iceland and there were "only" female pilots. Sorry, but it was the first time for me to have the pleasure and have women in front of the cockpie and it was very nice. Well, there was also a man among the employees on board and maybe that is good for the balance. NB! I wasn't the one who put him in the back!

Taking the flight from Raleigh–Durham International Airport was a very pleasant experience, which I can certainly recommend. Firstly, there were almost no queues anywhere. It was clean everywhere and the facilities were good for a small airport. New important lesson! I learned a whole new thing about American airports and I don't know if the same applies in Nprge. Since I was very early, I couldn't check in my luggage and I would have liked to have been inside the security checkpoint, both to get a nicer place to sit and to get a better food offer than what they had in the arrivals hall. Jokingly, I asked two guards in uniform, they could look like a local police. Is it possible to be detained so that I can have a place to relax as my flight does not take off for six hours. They looked at me a bit strangely, but they smiled and said: Why don't you just go through security and then you can go out again when it's time to hand in your luggage. I was a little surprised because I had never heard of that before. I unpacked the suitcase and took out everything liquid and other things that now had to go through the security check, far more than what had been accepted in Norway. I got through without a problem with anything. Woah! Now I could make myself comfortable, enjoy a good Cecsar salad and relax until the counter opened. I walked right out without being asked by anyone and re-checked in through security. This time they spent a little longer on the photo bag than in the first round, but everything was still ok and I was ready for departure.

As I said, I was up early and tired after a long drive from Nashville and decided to drop off the car so I was done with it. This was efficiency. I had rented a car from Hertz and the car was handed in and finished in less than two minutes. I think that is a world record.

I also had a very positive experience from the delivery of the car at a hotel in Orlando. It was very hot that day and the car was out in the sun. The surprise was, since they showed when I arrived, they had started the air conditioning so the car was a joy to get into. The whole delivery only took four minutes, because I walked around the car to check if the little things that were registered were the ones that was on the list. If I hadn't done that, the delivery would have taken a maximum of two minutes. Again wow! So thanks to Hertz for super service and super cars, since I had a small exchange in Jackson. Back to the airport and the journey home. As I said, Raleigh–Durham International Airport is a very good alternative if the location suits you and where you are going next. Quick in and quick out. I also got a little trip into the cockpit before take-off and the flight home was completely painless. When we landed, it was just a matter of getting on the plane that was going to take us from Iceland to Oslo, a few minutes away.

A little tip, order food before departure, both ways, so you get what you want to eat, it may be sold out for certain dishes. A good pillow and maybe a blanket or a sweater, a set of Sony noise-cancelling headphones, then just say good night and escape the "jet lag"! Thank you to Iceland Air for a great flight!


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