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Travel tips wine tasting in Garda

Garda is a beautiful town on Lake Garda in Italy, and there are many great vineyards in the area that offer wine tasting and food experiences.

  • One winery I would recommend is Ca' dei Frati, located in Desenzano del Garda, just a short drive from Garda. They offer tastings of their award-winning wines, including Lugana, Chiaretto, and the Ronchedone and Brolettino reds. Wine tastings can be ordered in advance directly on their website or by phone.

Ca' dei Frati also has a restaurant that serves a delicious lunch and dinner. Their menu includes local dishes and fresh ingredients, and goes well with wines from the vineyard. I would recommend booking a table in advance to be sure of getting a seat.

  • Another great winery that offers wine tasting and dining experiences is Zeni Vini, located in Bardolino, also near Garda. They have an extensive wine cellar with a wide selection of local and international wines. They also offer a dining experience with dishes from the region that are made from local produce, and which go well with wines from the vineyard.

You can also order directly on their website or by phone to book a wine tasting and dining experience in advance. It may be a good idea to book in advance to be sure of a place, especially if you are visiting during the high season.

I hope this helps and that you have a great trip to Garda!



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