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Travel tips Trondheim, Havfruen Restaurant

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I might as well divulge the verdict straight away - fantastically good seafood! We visited this restaurant in 2021 but I remember it like it was yesterday. We had booked into Hotel Britania and tried our summer menu the day before. (read here)

Today we visited Nidaros Dome and we had a nice trip to the city, now we had to find a good restaurant that could keep the level up. I am a frequent user of TripAdvisor and here there was quite a bit to choose from, but we ended up at Havfruen, The mermaid. It had a nice location and was a short distance from the hotel. Yes, most of the restaurants in the city are.

Text (translated by Google) and photo Ingar Næss. (c)

I am picky about most things and therefore also have high expectations, for everything from atmosphere, cleanliness, service including attention, the menu, and how the food is presented in addition to the taste.

I am also simple if they are able to see us and show that they appreciate our visit. Here it started very well. We got a great window table and then the show could start.

The menu was simple but still exciting and quite ok for the price. We chose mussels and creamy fish soup with fish, prawns, and king crab for starters. The main course was halibut and sole and this was incredibly good. The flavors lined up to delight the palate.

While we waited for the food, we had entertainment from the young people enjoying themselves out on the Nidelven. This was a great summer day in Trondheim city. Then the food started to arrive and this was yum, yum! If you click on the picture, you will also get the smell, well in any case an even better impression of the food.

What they should also be praised for was a great presentation that made the dishes tempting to look at. It always helps, at least when expectations were high. I chose the house white wine which was a good choice for our menu. Overall, we were good and full, so there was no dessert this time! There was actually a lot and good food for the money. Recommended, but book early so you get a window table!

Here it is: Kjøpmannsgt. 7, Trondheim 7013, Norge +47 73 87 40 70


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