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Travel tips England: In Dover's Magical Embrace!

Join us for a tour of the southernmost part of England, Dover!

On the southern coast of England, where the azure blue sea of the English Channel meets the towering cliffs that guard its shores, lies a place of unparalleled beauty and historical significance - Dover. A city steeped in centuries of captivating tales, Dover stands proudly as a living testament to its rich past that continues to weave its magic into the present.

All photos are taken with iPhone 14Pro (c) Ingar Næss
Welcome to The White Cliffs of Dover!

Dover draws visitors from all corners of the world, not only as a destination, but it is an immersion in a living, breathing history that has left an indelible mark on the chronicles of time. From the iconic White Cliffs rising majestically from the coastline, beckoning travelers with their chalky white allure, to the medieval gem that is Dover Castle, which towers invincibly over the city, every step taken within these ancient walls reveals layers upon layers of a captivating narrative .

Dover Castle: A Simple History Overview

Round trip in southern England

For me, this is a small dream that has only grown over the years and with the temperatures fresh in mind from the summer of 2022, when southern Italy was on the main programme, this was an easy decision. The long-term forecast was like a normal Norwegian summer, a bit of sun, a bit of rain and overcast, but how much only the trip would tell.

England is something we all have one or more relationships with, but in order to learn a bit on my own, I decided that Dover was the starting point for a small round trip in southern England.

I've been to London and a bit of the surrounding area, but not the countryside. Left-hand driving was also to be explored, on both narrow roads and postman Pat roads which are really almost just a single lane. Here's the tip, have the car fully insured, because the probability that you may be pushed a little further to the left than planned is high. So think carefully about which roads you should prioritize if you are on a round trip.


It's always smart to check if you can book a tour so you can avoid queues, because you can, but of course not always.

View towards the harbor of Dover


Dover, a charming coastal town in south-east England, offers an experience that combines nature, culture and history in a unique way. Here are a few but important experiences you should explore further when visiting the White Cliffs of Dover.

Natural beauty - The white cliffs of Dover:

The White Cliffs of Dover are a natural beauty without equal. The beautiful white limestone formation that rises dramatically from clear, turquoise sea water and creates a spectacular sight, yes it is actually as impressive a sight as in the movies, but it is something else to experience it yourself, as always.

Take time to stroll along the cliffs and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the amazing panoramic views. The cliffs are also home to a diverse flora and fauna, so nature lovers will find much to admire here.

For those who love nature and physical activity, coastal walks are a great way to explore the area further. There are several paths along the cliffs that take you through varied terrain and give you the opportunity to experience the cliffs from different angles. You may also encounter local wildlife and plants along the way.

South Foreland Lighthouse:

A visit to the White Cliffs of Dover is not complete without exploring the South Foreland Lighthouse. This historic lighthouse is famous for being the first place where a telegraph cable was connected between England and France in the 19th century. Take a guided tour of the lighthouse, learn about its significance and enjoy stunning views of the cliffs and sea from the top of the lighthouse. It is about 20 minutes west from the castle and the cliffs to the east of Dover

Dover Castle:

This was actually a very nice, clean and pleasant visit.

Dover Castle (c) Ingar Næss

Perched above the cliffs, Dover Castle is an iconic historical attraction that has survived the centuries. The castle has played an important role in England's history, from Roman times to the Second World War. Explore the castle's extensive grounds, including the underground tunnel systems used during the war. The view from the castle walls also gives you a fantastic view of both the cliffs and the surrounding landscape.

I would recommend a visit here. It is actually one of the most beautiful old castles I have seen. In addition, it was very well maintained and everyone who worked here was very nice.

Dover Castle: A Simple History Overview

Dover Castle, an impressive fortress towering over the White Cliffs of Dover, has a rich history spanning centuries and has played an important role in England's defense and history. Here is a simple history overview of Dover Castle:

Roman times and the Middle Ages: Dover has been a strategic location since Roman times. In the 2nd century AD the Romans built a lighthouse and an early defensive wall on the site of what would later become Dover Castle. The Middle Ages saw further development of the fortress under the Normans. William the Conqueror built a simple wooden house on the site in 1066, and this was later replaced by a stone fortress.

Hundred Years' War: Dover Castle played a key role during the Hundred Years' War between England and France in the 14th and 15th centuries. The castle was extended and fortified to protect England's southern coast from French attacks. The castle was also involved in many historical events during this period, including the negotiations for Calais' surrender to England.

Elizabethan Period: Under Queen Elisabeth I at the end of the 16th century, Dover Castle was further modernized to meet the new demands of warfare. The castle was equipped with cannons and defenses to protect against attacks from the sea.

Second World War: Another important period in Dover Castle's history was during the Second World War. The castle's underground tunnels were used as a command center for "Operation Dynamo," which involved the evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk in France. These tunnels were also used as the headquarters of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, who was responsible for planning and carrying out the famous evacuation.

Today: Today, Dover Castle is a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors the opportunity to explore its rich history through guided tours, exhibitions and reconstructions. The castle grounds also include a reconstruction of a Roman lighthouse and the famous Saxon Church.

Over the centuries, Dover Castle has been a testament to England's history and defence. It has played an important role from Roman times to modern times and is a reminder of the country's strategic importance and cultural heritage.

Your visit to the White Cliffs of Dover will be a memorable experience that combines the overwhelming beauty of nature with rich history and cultural depth. Whether you take a relaxing walk along the cliffs, explore the history of the castle or take in the stunning views from the lighthouse, this destination will give you a deep impression of England's natural and cultural treasures.

We spent the night at a great hotel down by the coast - a separate presentation of the Hyte Imperial hotel and restaurant in the area will follow.

Come along to Eastborne, for this was a pleasant town!



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