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Travel tip: Summer in Norway, End of the World at Tjome!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Travel tips, the end of the world in 5 minutes. Only 30 minutes from Tønsberg, Norway's oldest city!

Let's go to the End of the World and enjoy ourselves this summer! Yes, why not, - Tjøme and Verdens Ende is a place most Norwegians have heard of and want to experience. And this year there will be lots of sun here and, not least, warm rocky cliffs that are waiting for you!

The Norwegian letter æ, ø and å are like ae, o and aa

Text and photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

Verdens Ende is located at the very southern tip of Tjøme, a couple of miles from Tønsberg. From here you get a majestic view of the horizon and Færder National Park. Verdens Ende is probably best known for its tilting lighthouse, which was built from pebbles taken from Tjøme's beaches as far back as 1932.

The idea for Vippefyret came from Petter Appelsvold who was Tjømling. Since I am also from Tjøme, I can confirm everything that is written positively about this place and that the wonderful idea of ​​creating a tourist facility at the End of the World is still enjoyed by tourists from all parts of the world. Vippefyret was opened in 1934 and the following year came Norway's, at the time, largest aquarium and "zoo". Schoolchildren came here from far and wide to visit the popular aquarium.

If you visit Tjøme Historielag in "Victorhuset" at Haug gård, Viktorsvei 1, you can see more photos from this time.

Here you can see pictures from 1956, where the manager Songe-Møller enjoys himself with the kittens.

Photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

Verdens Ende comprises a large outdoor area with a fantastic location. In June 2015, the old funkis restaurant was demolished and replaced with a new building. Færder National Park Center opened here in June 2015. The center houses the National Park Center with an exhibition, restaurant and offices for the national park administration. 2nd floor is built as a glass rotunda, with a 360-degree view and exhibition area.

When you stop by the new restaurant at Verdens Ende for a bite to eat or something to drink, you also get a fantastic view of the archipelago, the tilting lighthouse and the horizon to the south, east and a little to the west. The large serving area is frequently used and inside there is room for over eighty guests. Here you can enjoy everything from small dishes to fantastic party menus, and they also have a bar with all rights. Visitor Center Færder National Park Verdens Ende is part of Færder National Park. In the Færder National Park Visitor Center, you will find, among other things, a shop, and you can also visit the exhibition. The exhibition consists of a digital exhibition that shows life underwater. On the 2nd floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the national park. Courses and various seminars are also organized here, in addition to guided tours.

The outdoor area at Verdens Ende has a magnificent view of the Skagerrak The large breakwater that connects the "mainland" with all the islets and reefs on the outside means that there is also a safe harbor for small boats at the End of the World.

Photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

And you mustn't think that you can only get to the End of the World when the weather is nice. Take a trip when the sea is white on the outside, when the waves crash over islets and reefs, and the Faerder lighthouse and its glimmer of light will make your visit an experience.

There are excellent bathing conditions from Svaberg and Holmer, for children, there is a separate child-friendly bathing area. There is also a bathing platform intended for people with reduced mobility. Barbecue area and good parking facilities.

This picture was taken at 0430 when many people are out to enjoy the wonderful and unique sunrise at Verdens Ende.

Verdens Ende, Photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

It happens that there are both gales and storms, but the sun still shines at Verden Ende. In the background, you can also glimpse Færder lighthouse.

A special photo series from Faerder Fyr will come a little later.

Verdens Ende, Photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

Here we are at the end of the world - welcome! Sorry that there are not only typical summer pictures, but you just have to take a trip during the holidays and you can experience the summer with your own eyes! Have a great trip!

How to get to Vedens End: By car, it only takes about 30 minutes from the center of Tønsberg and you will find a large car park when you arrive. From there, it is easy to walk the last meters out to the End of the World. (Persons with reduced mobility have their own rules for being able to drive in). If you fancy a boat trip to the End of the World, there is a fixed route from Tønsberg every day during the summer season. (Passenger cruise) Then you can also experience the fantastic archipelago while enjoying yourself on board.

If you want to book a taxi boat, Fjordtaxi will pick you up at the pier in Tønsberg or somewhere else in the archipelago. The bus from Tønsberg takes less than an hour with line 022. You can find the timetables in the travel planner at or call Ruteopplysningen 177. - more travel and activity tips from Tjøme and Tønsberg coming soon: · Stall Verdens Ende and Den lille zooparken o The small animal park is located at Stall Verdens Ende next to the car parkRestaurant and is open every day from 24 June to 27 August. Free entrance. · Stall Verdens Ende is open all year round and has riding for all age groups. Tour riding in these surroundings is for many a great experience. · Havna Hotel and restaurant · Tjøme Golfklubb, also offers pitching and courses

· Aktiv Fritid / Active Leisure – experiences with a view have bike hire, zipline, climbing and rappelling with Via Ferrata. (NB! Corona rules) · Tjøme Skatepark o Here you can watch amateurs and professional skaters ride the ramp in one of the country's best skate parks, or borrow free equipment to try it yourself. Free activities such as frisbee golf, sand volleyball etc.

· Skydiving at Jarlsberg near Tonsberg

· Slottsfjellet in Norway's oldest city.

Photo (c) Ingar Næss. (Naess)

© 2020 Fotograf Ingar Næss (Naess)

Travel tips from Norway, Explore Norway's oldest city and only 30 minutes drive you will reach The End of the world - Verdens Ende

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