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Travel tip: Norway, Svalbard, summer 2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Here you will get quick travel tips for a trip to Svalbard! If you are in doubt, don't think, just run and buy!

Experience the summer and autumn in Svalbard with a base in Longyearbyen within a few days. Svalbard is a very good alternative if you have a few days to spare where you have not booked your holiday days. Even in summer and autumn, Svalbard is both exotic, exciting and very pleasant, so I definitely recommend a trip. How long you will stay is a bit up to

Experience the summer and autumn in Svalbard with a base in Longyearbyen within a few days. Svalbard is a very good alternative if you have a few days to spare where you have not booked your holiday days. Even in summer and autumn, Svalbard is both exotic, exciting and very pleasant, so I definitely recommend a trip. How long you will stay is a bit up to

Du flyr enten med Norwegian eller SAS, via Tromsø. Totalt ca 4t med mellomlanding, priser fra 2000,- og oppover. Husk at du mellomlander i Tromsø og må ut av flyet og vise pass nede i transitt avdelingen. Oppholdet i Tromsø er på rundt 20-30 minutter. Da er det bare å lene seg tilbake og glede seg til turen til Longyearbyen.

My first impression when we saw the tip of the archipelago, how big it is. Even though I had seen Svalbard on the map and lots of pictures, it never occurred to me that it is the size of Denmark. We had a great approach with sunshine and thus a great overview of the vicinity of Longyearbyen. Yes, we were looking forward to it.

Fast and efficient handling of luggage and then straight onto the bus. You pay for t/r, remember to take care of the ticket. Take a photo with your mobile phone.

Our stop was Svalbard Hotell, Polfarerern, very good hotel with very pleasant service, can certainly be recommended. Your expectations determine how you will experience your arrival in Longyearbyen, but we were really surprised. When we arrived at the hotel, the guests were sitting in the outdoor restaurant by the hotel in T-shirts and shorts and enjoying their beer. The atmosphere was very good - but they complied with the infection control limit! You must not be surprised when you are told to take off your shoes, so make sure you have socks without holes when you leave home! It is important to remember that summer and winter are more different than you might first think, but you CANNOT travel in the countryside in summer. It is forbidden to drive off-road due to injuries that do not heal for many years, so my recommendation is to choose a maximum land-based trip if you are interested in a mine walk or a visit to a dog kennel. That means choose boat-related trips in the summer.

If I had shown what I know now, I would have chosen a trip to Isfjorden Radio which also includes an overnight stay and a gourmet dinner. We chose two trips by boat on our first trip to Svalbard. Today's catch and the Pyramid,

Recommendation: Dagens fangst/Better Moments When choosing trips on the sea, Dagens Fangst is certainly a good option. Here you get the opportunity to experience both the sea's wildlife up close. They offer tours in the afternoon/evening and since the sun shines all day, it is a pleasant experience. With a closed boat (RIB) that can withstand both weather and wind, you can go out on the fjord in dry, warm and not least safe surroundings.

They say that they travel comfortably and quickly to where there is the most "action", but at the same time they cannot guarantee that you will experience the king of the sea, the blue whale. They make very good arrangements for good nature experiences in the Isfjorden and include you are served good food, so here you just have to enjoy yourself

​They write this themselves: Animal life in Isfjorden has increased markedly in recent years. The chance of seeing a polar bear mother on a walk with her cubs, a blue whale showing its tail fin or a humpback whale playing by the boat is great, as we know where to start looking.

On the days when the large mammals are conspicuous by their absence, we will still give you a fantastic nature experience. We will then go to the most spectacular glaciers Isfjorden has to offer. These enormous ice masses are constantly changing and will constantly release their "calves" into the fjord.

Here we have great opportunities to see walruses lying down to sunbathe on the ice and thousands of birds that use the nutrient-rich water in front of the glacier for their food dishes. This is precisely how we experienced the trip, although polar bears and blue whales did not appear, but the sea lions did. A large flock lay on land relaxing in the midnight sun, while two smaller groups enjoyed themselves in the sea around our boat.

There are great forces at work here. We docked in a quiet area and were served homemade soup and a good hot drink. We thank Better Moments for doing their best to ensure that the trip was very pleasant and rich, even if the crossing back was a bit bumpy.

Flight info from 2020: From Oslo 14:45 → From Tromsø 16:25 → 18:05 and the return from Svalbard is 18:55. Prices from approx. NOK 2,000 per person with Norwegian You fly to Svalbard with SAS, and the flight time from Oslo is approx. 4 hours with stopover in Tromsø. Daily in summer season.

The price of air tickets depends on the time of year and the time of booking in advance of the journey. Now, for example, you can book a return flight in March for around NOK 2,000, but if you delay too long you will have to pay both double and triple.

Svalbard may not be the first summer destination you think of, because what can you actually do in Svalbard in the summer? North of Norway and only 100 miles from the North Pole lies the Svalbard archipelago - the world's northernmost inhabited area. Here you will find untouched arctic wilderness and unique wildlife, but also tasty restaurants and museums. Seasonal variations are great in Svalbard – in summer, the dark winter months are replaced by brilliant sun that shines around the clock. Here we list some activities that you must experience if you visit Svalbard in the summer months! In the summer between May and August, the sun does not actually set on Svalbard. That means 24 hours of daylight per day for 130 days. Sounds delicious? To experience the midnight sun in the best way, there are scooter, boat and walking tours in Svalbard. There are several options, and one of these is provided by the tour operator Better Moments. On their snowmobile excursion, you go on a trip with a local guide who finds the best route for that particular day. The thought of going on a snowmobile trip in the middle of the night in a sparkling snowy landscape in broad daylight entices many to book this trip. The tour starts from Longyearbyen and takes you around to Spitsbergen in a liberating and wonderful way. Between high, mighty mountains and the enormous Nordenskiöldisbreen lies the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden. The Pyramid is a mighty, brutally isolated and desolate city with empty buildings and a lot of history. It is beautifully situated in the Billefjord, and is a popular place to go on excursions. The range of boat trips is extensive – for example, you can choosce a two days tour by boat where you even get to cycle and walk around the city. There are also day trips where you travel by catamaran through the fjord towards Pyramiden. A wonderful alternative for those who want to experience mysterious glaciers, mining towns and exotic wildlife.

To see the fantastic views that Svalbard has to offer, we recommend a guided trip high up in the mountains to see the magnificent landscape. Snow-covered mountain peaks, brilliant sun and fresh air in combination with dramatic glaciers will be a memory for life. You can choose the level of difficulty and the length of the tour yourself - this two-day tour starts from Longyearbyen and offers extremely fine views. If you are in Svalbard in May and June and are interested in experiencing Svalbard in the company of four-legged friends, there are several options for dog sledding. Poli Arctici takes you out into the snowmobile-free section outside Longyearbyen. Choose the tour that suits you and experience Svalbard in the best way! If you like paddling, the kayaking option is a wonderful experience in Svalbard. For example, Hurtigruten Svalbard offers various packages where you can paddle in Adventsfjorden – one of the most historic fjords in Svalbard. Here you paddle from colorful Longyearbyen towards the ghost town of Hiorthamn while enjoying the view of the beautiful and exotic wilderness. During the summer season, there are over 100 migratory birds on the islands, and it is not unusual to meet seals in the water. Kayaking is a great way to see Svalbard, and the skilled guides help you maximize the experience. If state-of-the-art comfort in historic surroundings sounds good, we recommend staying overnight at the Funken Lodge hotel. With 88 premium rooms and suites, a world-class restaurant and cocktail bar, you live in a unique environment with a magnificent panoramic view of Longyearbyen. The hotel also offers large conference facilities with capacity for 140 people - perfect for companies and organisations. Of course, you can relax in the lounge with fireplace and library or visit the gym and relaxation department. I'm working on this - more to come - feel free to ask questions in the chat Here are some more pictures: The landscape on Svalbard is simply beautiful and anyone traveling in the summer will be able to experience nature without snow. Then you can "read" changes and developments in the rock masses. Yes, it is actually quite adventurous.

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Reisetips fra Svalbard, Norge - Utforsk det virkelige dyrelivet, men april og begynnelsen av mai er best for vinterferie Om du ønsker å lese alt Store Norske Leksikon skriver



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