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Join us on a tour around Latvia and Riga

In April this year (2022) I was with MagasinetReisefot to Latvia and Riga as a photographer. Here you can read the digital magazine that was launched in May 2022 and some of my views on the country.

Latvia, a country with many stories (c) Ingar Næss

What a country! What a story!

Yes, this is a country with history from occupiers for hundreds of years, so if you are considering a round trip to this area, read this magazine first, and you will be able to plan more easily where to spend your trip.

The climate in Latvia is very similar to what we have in Kristiansand, i.e. like in the "southern country"! However, there is a big difference and it is that the Gulf of Riga is iced over for 3–4 months in the winter. The time to visit the country will be a bit like Norway, with the exception of a "city trip to Riga". If there is sun and swimming, then it is, as I said, a good Norwegian summer. There is also a big difference here, here there are miles of sandy beaches and, in addition, EVERYTHING is cheaper than at home in Norway!

If you decide to travel to Riga, you will find a number of bars and restaurants that are worth visiting. Here you have an example of one of them, restaurant Barents in Riga.

Photo and editing by Ingar Næss

Latvia is only an hour and a half away by plane from Oslo. A place where in the summer you can take the children on a beach holiday at some of the Baltic Sea's most beautiful sandy beaches.

If you just want to get away, snuggle under the covers for a long time, eat and drink well and reasonably, then this is a good place.

Here are some simple tips from our tour:

As you will see, there are plenty of places to travel to if you want a round trip. Don't be anxious, the road standard is good enough. The only thing you should be aware of is that Google does not always apply when there is road work. Check if the traffic is going in the direction you are going, but Google says detour, then it is often that Google is wrong. (our experience)

In winter, it's time for a weekend trip with the opportunity to enjoy both the spa and sauna in Riga. The alternative is to go a little further out into the countryside.

Photo (c) Ingar Næss

Here you get a little insight into the treatment, but the whole story is well described in the magazine. This was a unique experience that lasted over three hours! Driving time here was under an hour .


In the town of Sigulda, you can visit centuries-old castles, and you can rent bicycles with picnic baskets filled with delicious food and drink. We were in early April so spring hadn't arrived yet!


In Jelgava, you can taste delicious drinks made from buckthorn berries, make your own drops at the local drops factory, or taste beer from a modern craft brewery. There are also mighty castles here that you should visit if you want to learn about the country's history and traditions.

A unique accommodation!

Are you fond of cats, real home-cooked food and a bit of a rustic interior and also want to meet people who are firmly planted on the ground, yes you can get that here. There are usually 10 cats in the house, where at least one of them will shower their love on you.

The family is great and it's a place you will definitely love. Read more in the digital magazine.

Photo Ingar Næss (c)

I will be recording continuously, but please also accept questions and tips at the bottom of the page you arrive at.


Riga is a city where you are always welcome. Perhaps it is because Norwegian companies have been established here since Dressmann's establishment in Riga in 1995. Others who established themselves in the 90s are Rimi, Narvesen and DNB, in addition we find Husvik hus and the shopping center giant Linstw Ltd.

If I'm not mistaken, one of the universities also has a separate line for learning and studying Norwegian. This in turn has meant that many people say welcome to (company name) and sit in a Norwegian-speaking customer centre, precisely in Riga.

Speaking of center. At the shopping center in Riga, everything is cheaper than in Norway, and this means that many people take advantage of this when they make the trip here, which is only about 1.5 hours from Oslo Gardemoen by plane.

I checked the weekend at the end of October and you can fly round trip for about NOK 1,500 to NOK 2,000. T/R. Tip check directly on the airlines' websites for the best price!

A good hotel on the same days, Saturday to Tuesday 3 nights from *** NOK 1350,- and **** from approx. 3000 NOK (both prices 3 nights)

Once you've arrived here and booked a hotel and shopped for your Christmas presents (Christmas in two months), then you should go out and enjoy yourself. There is plenty to choose from here. You will find very exclusive ones that cost, but there are plenty of good and pleasant restaurants where the prices are very good. I wouldn't recommend anything as I haven't been there for a while.

Bon appetit!

(c) Ingar Næss



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