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A Heavenly Break at Ridgeview Vineyard

Ridgeview Vineyard on the way to Stonehenge and Bath!

On the way from the seaside town of Eastbourne to the historic gems of Stonehenge and Bath, we found a hidden jewel where we stopped, namely at Ridgeview Vineyard.

Remember all the photos are taken with the iPhone 14Pro (c) Ingar Næss

This remarkable destination turned out to be much more than just a vineyard; it was an experience that encompassed history, taste and impeccable hospitality.

As we approached the vineyard, it was impossible not to be impressed by the rolling landscape of the South Downs National Park, in which the vineyard is elegantly encased. Our break from the English narrow roads led us into an area of fragrant vineyard areas and eventually good tastes.

A tour of the winery gave us an insight into the process of making their award-winning sparkling wines. The story behind Ridgeview Vineyard was told in detail and we got to know the Roberts family, the founders, who had proudly created this vineyard from the ground up. It was a touching reminder of the dedication behind every bottle of wine.

There is no doubt for me that the English sparkling wines are of very high quality. One of my favorites has become is Ridgeview and this story is worth the trip, so just plan your own trip. Ridgeview is one of the leading houses in British sparkling wine. They have been making wine since 1995 and are today in their second generation of wine artists. They were ranked as the 36th best winery in the World's 50 Best Wineries in 2019, and were also chosen to be the sparkling wine house represented when Barack Obama visited Buckingham Palace. So real royal bubbles.

A highlight of the visit was of course the wine tasting. We were guided through a palette of subtle flavors and aromas that sparkling wines can offer. Since the soil is similar to Champagne and the global climate change means that the grapes here actually ripen stably, which ensures the quality. Each sip was like a journey through terroir and passion, with our guide sharing expertise about each wine. The wines we got for the tasting were Blance De Blanc, 2018, Rose de Noirs 2018, which was also my clear winner.

But it wasn't just the wines that stole the show – the delicious dishes served alongside the wine tasting were a heavenly symphony of flavours.

We couldn't help but notice Ridgeview's recognition. They have truly put British sparkling wine on the world map and their many awards and accolades are testament to their exceptional efforts and commitment. It felt like we were tasting a piece of England's proud wine tradition.

This is a clear winner, just try it for yourself!

After our enchanting experience at Ridgeview Vineyard, we headed on to the iconic stone formations of Stonehenge and the cultural treasures of Bath. But the memory of the brilliant palette of flavors and the warm hospitality at Ridgeview stayed with us and it became an unforgettable part of our journey.

Ridgeview Vineyard didn't just become a place we visited; it became part of our history, a taste of English tradition and a reminder that it's the unexpected moments on the road that are often the most memorable.

Now it's on to Stonehenge, before we get to Bath - join us!



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