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Zadar in Croatia: Explore the area around the city!

If you are in Zadar and want to explore several places within an hour's drive, you have many exciting options. Here are some suggestions:


Known for its fascinating history, Nin is one of the oldest cities in Croatia. This charming little town is famous for its beautiful old church, St. Cross Church, and for its saltworks. Nin is also known for its therapeutic mud, which is popular with visitors for its healing properties.

Biograd na Moru:

This is a popular seaside town that offers beautiful beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. Biograd na Moru is also a great place for sailors and boating enthusiasts, with several marinas and a rich selection of water sports activities.

On G:

Pag is a unique island known for its moon-like landscape and for the production of Pag cheese, one of the most famous Croatian cheeses. The island is also famous for its lively summer parties and beautiful beaches, such as Zrće beach, which is popular with young travelers.

Paklenica National Park:

For nature and adventure lovers, Paklenica National Park is a must. The park offers fantastic hiking trails, climbing opportunities and impressive caves. It is ideal for day trips to experience Croatia's dramatic mountain scenery.


Sukošan is a small coastal town with a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for families and those looking for a quiet holiday. The town has beautiful beaches, including Barnjas, and a picturesque marina.

St. Filip i Jakov:

This charming little town is known for its beautiful beaches and historic buildings. It is a quiet place, ideal for those who want to escape the tourist crowds and enjoy the authentic Croatian coastal lifestyle.

Transport options:

  • Car rental : Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore these places at your own pace.

  • Public Transport : It is also possible to use public transport such as the bus to reach some of these places, although it may be less flexible.

These destinations offer you a rich variety of experiences, from historic cities to natural wonders, all within a short journey from Zadar.



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