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Wine tip: A perfect white wine for seafood, but better for ...

I took a recommendation from VG and tested it for crayfish and prawns and it was an experience that surprised me! VG's writer says: "Wow wine" for seafood

Forjas del Salnés Rodrigo Méndez Cíes Albariño 2021 Pris: 279,70

"Here is news from the January release that I have been looking forward to sharing with you. Spain is expert in the albariño grape, and this one is a magnificent example. The inviting and intense scent of ripe yellow melon and almond. I wrote "wow wine" when I tasted it, and I stand by it: This is delightfully luscious and makes your mouth water. Juicy and chubby ki style with delicious notes of butter in addition to fresh green apples and lemon in the aftertaste. Fish and shellfish pork deluxe. The superb to Skrei. Beautiful now, but can withstand a couple of years of further storage." I'm sorry, but I actually thought this one was a bit boring!

However, it was perfect for a chocolate dessert👊

Sorry - Ingar


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