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Why is it so difficult to choose a rental car (company), or is it actually so?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Is it difficult to choose a rental car? Many think yes, based on their own and other people's experiences, but why? I have spent some time looking at what are the biggest challenges and irritations. If the price is so cheap that you think you've made a mistake, you probably haven't! One of the first things that come to mind is. - Discrepancies in what is included in the price that was online then come insurances in relation to what you must have and what you need, and not least the deductible for damages. I have included a link below that describes this in a good way. But you have to read it to benefit from it! You often do not take out insurance on tires, rims, and windows. Check what it costs you if the accident happens!

Check what it costs you if the accident happens! Another piece of advice is, of course, to ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences, but remember that the whole truth does not always come out, but there are many serious actors who do not engage in nonsense, but it can still happen, but who had their own mistakes. Have you signed something you had no idea about, well.....!

The next thing that comes up is that you don't get the car you ordered, but it clearly says that it's a "group" of the same type, but you probably never get that specific car. It is also important to understand that there can be a lot of traffic in some places and that cars are not ready at the right time.

One thing that doesn't help is getting worked up, but try to take things in good spirits, they are just people on the other side of the counter. Always check that there is nothing written about extra costs that you have not understood. The more time you spend reading what you order, before you click - pay, the easier it will be afterward. If you don't understand everything, translate with google or ask what "it" means. Read this one too.

I'll add it here. If you are a member and have been loyal, you will most often have a separate queue to go in which saves you time. Yes, it may have cost a little more, but on the day you need it, yes, then it tastes good.

Pay by credit card, it can be smart! If you pay the rent by credit card, check which insurances are included in your credit card, if any. Then it can be smart to order the car from a Norwegian office, which also has offices abroad. Here you will often get clear and unambiguous advice. Are you wondering which insurance policies to choose? Check Consumer Europe's guide to rental car insurance. So you have to be on time, firstly so that you don't arrive too early and in any case, don't arrive late, then you can get an extra fee. So you should always check the damage that is listed and be careful about this. If it is dark when you pick up the car, ask to check it in a place where there is enough light. Take pictures of deviations, always! Petrol or diesel!

Important: I received different information about the colors of diesel and petrol pumps. At first, I thought that "green" guns were petrol and black diesel, but then no. I crossed the borders between many states and used many different stations. I didn't realize this, so check every time you fill up so you don't do anything stupid! (USA)

I have rented cars in more than 20 different countries and I have often been unsure of what the bill will actually be. Which insurance should I choose and or which insurance should I choose away? We search online and find alternatives, but do we think through what we actually do?

I probably didn't until I became a gold member with Hertz, which was incredibly smart! Yes, loyalty pays off! Yes, just look at what happens when we fly, I've been better at that and have membership in everyone I fly with. Some choose to use an Amex card and earn bonus points on everything they buy with the card if they choose the right card! When I rented a car from Hertz on my last trip to the USA, where I drove a total of over 2,000 miles, I experienced how smart it was. I basically ordered the car via a branch in Oslo, ordered all insurance, and came out with a very good price. The fact that I ordered the right insurance was also important because I was hit by a car and got a new car without any problems. Actually, it was almost like a dream! I started the trip from Orlando and was supposed to pick up the car at a hotel nearby where I was staying. When it arrived the car was all ready and they had even put the air conditioning on, so it was a joy to get in, as it was over 35 degrees. It took a maximum of 4 minutes to get the car and speaking of a quick delivery, it only took two minutes to return it at Raleigh–Durham International Airport, two weeks later! That must be a world record!

Thanks to Hertz for incredibly good service. Now I am going to Italy and will pick up the car at the airport in Rome, where Norwegian lands, so it will be interesting to see if the Gold card gives me any advantages.

Tips for the best budget: Book early Pay cash/advance Become a member and become loyal, perhaps with two rental companies Check if you have a card with benefits Check what your travel insurance covers, and make sure you don't pay twice. Feel free to get in touch if you have tips or want help, maybe I have the answer. Good summer!


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