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Travel tips Sicily. The best breakfast ever!

Felt like recalling one of my best hotel experiences, with a focus on the coffee. Tenuta Olive Alive and Noto, Sicily!

What makes a breakfast good, fantastic, or perhaps the best in the world!

After a good night's sleep on wonderful mattresses in a great and airy room. A good shower and such a simple but good and pleasant breakfast.

Pleasant service that has only one aim and that is that you are satisfied. Great fresh ingredients and a good selection and then a good cup of coffee. Wow, that's exactly what I experienced here a few years ago. Still dreaming about the stay and the coffee, it was just wonderful.

Now it's your turn, have a good trip.

Some simple information about the place and the city. Below you will find a link to the main article.

Tenuta Olive Alive: Tenuta Olive Alive is a charming hotel located in the beautiful countryside near Noto. Known for its tranquil location, surrounded by olive groves, the hotel offers a relaxing oasis for visitors. It has comfortable rooms, friendly staff and facilities such as a swimming pool, gardens and a restaurant serving traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Noto: Noto is a wonderful city located in the southeast of Sicily, Italy. The city is known for its extraordinary Baroque architecture, which has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city's historic center displays magnificent buildings and churches with intricate details and decorative facades. Noto is also famous for its annual flower festival, Infiorata, where the streets are transformed into colorful carpets of floral art.

Attractions in Noto: Apart from the remarkable Baroque architecture, Noto offers other attractions worth exploring. Noto Cathedral (Duomo di Noto) is a significant landmark known for its splendor and impressive interior. Palazzo Ducezio is another architectural gem that serves as the town hall and offers panoramic views from the roof terrace. In addition, the nearby nature reserve Vendicari offers beautiful beaches, hiking trails and opportunities for bird watching.

Local cuisine: Sicily is known for its delicious food, and this also applies to Noto. When visiting the area, try local specialties such as arancini (fried rice balls), cannoli (sweet pastry filled with ricotta), pasta alla Norma (pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce) and granita (a refreshing frozen dessert).

Here is a link to my first trip to Sicily



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