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Travel tips beaches and swimming, when you land in Milan

If you arrive in Milan and want to visit a nearby beach, there are several options to choose from. Here are some of the best beach destinations near Milan:

Beaches near Milan
  1. Lago di Como: This beautiful lake area is around an hour's drive north of Milan and has several public beaches and swimming areas ideal for a day trip. You can also take a boat trip on the lake and enjoy the beautiful view.

  2. Lido di Bellagio: This is one of the most popular beaches on Lago di Como, with crystal clear water and beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

  3. Sirmione: This is a beautiful town on the south side of Lake Garda, around an hour and a half's drive from Milan. The city has several beaches and bathing areas, including Jamaica Beach and Punta Grò.

  4. Genova: This is a beautiful port city on the Ligurian coast, around two hours by train or car from Milan. The town has several beaches and bathing areas, including Bagni Lido and Bagni San Nazaro.

When you visit these beaches, it is important to remember to bring sunscreen, beach towels and umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun. You can also hire sunbeds and parasols on most beaches if you wish.

I hope this helps you plan a great beach holiday from Milan, and that you have a wonderful time on one of the beautiful beaches in the area!


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