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Rent an entire hotel in Palma de Mallorca

Updated: May 27, 2023

Perhaps you are considering holding a meeting, course, celebration or perhaps a small wedding abroad!

Yes, why not, there are still reasonable plane tickets, sun and heat almost all year round and a big city that is not too big, but still has everything you want. Puro House is a unique hotel with only 11 fantastic rooms in different price ranges, so here you just have to choose, if you don't take them all.

Welcome to Puro House
Welcome to Puro House


Whatever the reason for considering this as your accommodation, you need inspiration and opportunity for experiences. Among other things, you can visit one of the largest cathedrals in the world, where you can sit down and reflect on how they were able to build this wonderful building to withstand so much weather and wind, for so many years.

Then you can wander around, for example, the old town and experience art in the many galleries, maybe be a little provoked, but hopefully also a little inspired.

(feel free to click on the picture to get full size)

Then there are hundreds of wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy good Mediterranean food and good drink, but here comes a surprise. You can use your own kitchen and perhaps hire a chef as a teacher.

You can aim to become good at making fresh, sustainable ideas and tasty seafood dishes. In other words, to create a unique dining experience for the guests and to become masters of seafood and culinary creativity. A chef for training costs only about €250 plus ingredients and drinks, - of course! Then you can also make new corrections while you learn.

Puro House is part of the Puro Hotel Oasis Urbano **** hotel.

Puro House is the most exclusive part of this hotel and is perfect for small groups who want peace and privacy during a stay in Plama.

the This hotel has been "converted" from an old Mallorcan palace and completely renovated while retaining the original structure of the building. There are 11 stately rooms in the Superior category, an open kitchen, a living room and several smaller terraces, including one with a jacuzzi.

The main room is a very inviting lounge with a large wing-shaped sculpture adorning the open fireplace. The lounge can be used to hold informal meetings in lounge or conference style for 10-12 people.

This is the perfect place for different needs and stays, but still with Puro's excellent service. It is a multifunctional space where you can enjoy open kitchens, cooking classes, photography classes, leadership development, wine tasting, private dining, cocktail parties, small private weddings and more.

It can also accommodate up to 40 people for a cocktail dinner. One of our guests' favorite areas is the outdoor jacuzzi terrace.

Prices for exclusive rental start at around €3,000 (+/-) for the entire Puro House. NB! for bookings, arrangements must be made directly with reception or Puro Sales. (feel free to ask me)

Remember there are many things to use your free time for shopping, culture and history, for example the cathedral, gallery visits, and sun. Remember at Purobeach you get a 50% discount when you stay at the hotel.

Hope this was a little inspiring. Thanks for all the feedback


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