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Puro Grand Hotel ***** with a thousand years of history!

Updated: May 27, 2023

, it was created with the aim of preserving and enhancing the beauty inherited since the 13th century in the Can Coll Palace which was built during Palma's Moorish period.

Welcome to Puro Grand Hotell (c) Ingar Næss

The hotel offers 16 suites that combine modern design, style andconvenience, and with its own restaurant Beatnik Restaurant & Bar, with its own exclusive section, Beatnik Grand, and a Spa. In addition, access to Purobeach with special offers.

Hotel with soul and history!

This palatial hotel and the building itself define the atmosphere of the Puro Grand Hotel. The owners have shown respect for history and left the prominent building parts, the facade andthe side walls show traces of red ocher decoration, which dates from the Moorish period.

We see this in the design of the current building, with its typical characteristics from the Baroque reform around the courtyard with its beautiful arches, which was built in the 17th century.

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The cafe ceiling with original Moorish inscriptions was discovered during the last conservation and restoration project in 2022.

For guests who wish to sleep under these wonderful wooden beams, we recommend booking the Deluxe Suite Essence. It's a shame it costs a bit to live so uniquely and for those of you who want quality in every aspect, a price from just 500 euros per night is like an investment in quality of life.

One Thousand and One Nights

This is the hotel's most famous suite and the heart of the palace where you can live as inan adventure from One Thousand and One Nights. The suite has a ceiling height of 5 meters and in the sections between the beams there are Arabic inscriptions consisting of two letters which are abbreviations of the phrase "Al-Muk Ala", which according to experts means "the strength and power ofAllah".

Motives on coats of arms and royal seals also appear on the ceilings, so here it is just a matter of getting into bed and enjoying life and history. This exclusive suite is an adventure filled with history like in a dream, a dream come true.

Interior for those who enjoy, more than just life!

Preserving the building's original history also includes interior design. The interior design has combined Mediterranean and Moorish culture in a restrained and elegant way, creating almost picturesque spaces through a palette of sandy colorsand touches of blue.

Photo Puro Grand

The sand of the desert and the blue tones of the sea merge organically with works of art in the form of pictures, paintings and wallpaper.

Each suite is individually decorated, including original Arabic-inspired headboards that are masterfully combined with beautiful blue and white cushions with Mediterranean-inspired textures.

The entire hotel gives you the real Arab feeling, no matter where in the hotel you move.

A unique five star hotel, Puro Grand Hotel consists of 16 individually designed suites that you wish you could take home with you. Yes, it is allowed to fall a little in love with living here. The prices can therefore be seen as reasonable and start at €350 to €400. That said, they are worth it.

Remember breakfast is always included and it is actually very good, and the coffee perfect. So just be happy. This will give you a good start to a lovely day to experience Palma de Mallorca. Check your own article in a few days.

I actually wish I had had better time, so that I could have let peace and quiet take hold. I have to bring my wife here because she deserves this more than I do. So then the decision has been made!

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar with the exclusive Beatnik Grand section, belongs to the top restaurants in Palma with gastronomic influences from all over the world. A mix of exotic food and Mediterranean food, with a splash of both Asia and Latin America in oneatmosphere that feels both New York and Palma de Mallorca. At Beatnik Grand, dining is offered both indoors and outdoors and in a separate room.

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar

The modernist interior provides a perfect background for the large wall mirrors with hand-carved wooden frames and exotic palm motifs, red sofas and designer wooden chairs. This is Beatnik Grand, a cosmopolitan, social and artistic place where the most delicious food is served. Not pretentious, just very beautiful and nice.

The idea of Beatnik Market is to share the dishes and taste as many as you like, with local and sustainable products. Highlights from the menu include ceviche, flatbread with tuna sashimi, TNT shrimp, grilled lamb chop, taco Guanajuato, Beatnik mini burgers and avocado and strawberry salad, sea bass risotto, grilled squid, pumpkin and spinach risotto, sweet desserts and cocktails that are exquisite in taste and pleasant to watch.

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar

The cocktail bar is known to be one of the city's best. Beatnik cocktails are a bit sharper. The cocktail menu consists of six different cocktails - plus finding your favourite. The names of the drinks are catchy, from Ciudad del Sol to Tiki Punch, and they are all expertly composed to create what best cools your palate.

Purobech club

Then you also have to make room to visit the Purobech club, even if the nearest beach is only a few kilometers from the hotel. You can order your sunbed and lunch at the hotel and the hotel's car will drive you to one of its two lovely Purobeach facilities.

I wish you a good trip to Puro Hotels, no matter which way you choose, and not least some great days in Palma de Mallorca.

Ingar Næss


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