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La Famieke a top restaurant in Marbella! A good travel tip if you are going to Spain

Sometimes when you go out to eat it's just surprising and wonderful! It was also the first time we visited La Famieke, not far from the Orange Square in the Old Town of Marbella!

Plaza de los Naranjos, in the old town of Marbella is a little gem with shops and restaurants, but a bit of a leg up...

This is one of two articles on restaurants in Marbella. where I have had very good experience over several years. La Famieke is a small restaurant that is slightly secluded and when you pass it, it is not a given that this is one of the very best restaurants in Marbella!

It is not difficult to find a restaurant in this area, but finding the best requires that you have also tasted your way. In addition, the atmosphere is an important element and not least the service.

When you're out for a stroll and wondering where to eat, it's not easy to find La Famieke!

I have visited the restaurant several times as a private guest. After the first time we experienced all the good flavors in what we were served. We could hear the same from the satisfaction of the other guests, who said; we have to come here again and taste more. Yes, it was at least as wonderful every time, so I can confidently recommend this restaurant.

If you have not booked a table, you can enjoy yourself outside.

To give you the reader a bit more, I wanted to have a chat with the Eire and get a bit of their background story. It was far more interesting than I thought. I met the couple when they opened the doors to the first guests and it didn't take long before I got the confirmation. Here we were talking about real love for food and great demands for quality in all aspects.

Maryse and Benoit are two of the most successful restaurateurs in Marbella.

When the love of food comes from a married couple, who work together every day, it must be a bonus in a marriage and succeed! Then it is perhaps not so surprising that the restaurant they run has become one of the very best in Marbella!

It all started in 1997 when the owners Maryse and Benoit came from Belgium on holiday to Marbella. Not only were they in love, but they also fell in love with Marbella. This is the place where we will establish our own restaurant. That's what it sounded like and that's how it turned out a few months later in the same year they opened their first restaurant.

Everyone knows that starting your own business is not an easy task, but when the effort is great and the desire to succeed together is at its peak, then anything is possible. After my conversation with the two of them, I understand that this was actually a joint project, with which they together had a clear goal to succeed.

For 14 years they ran one of the most renowned restaurants in Marbella, Zo Zoi, with great success. This had been a lot of hard work and with more than 20 employees, we know that success has at least two sides. Maryse and Benoit chose to sell Zo Zoi and chose to start a smaller but far more personal restaurant.

And they have succeeded in that, - again.

You will always recognize the interior here at Maryse and Benoit

The personal enthusiasm they both have for the guests to have an optimal experience is their best trademark. After listening to their story, it's actually very easy to grow a little extra fond of them too.

The menu is full of good dishes, but also ask about today's recommendation

I promise you, the details are not sloppy here. Every day, every guest is equally important and it all starts with the purchases for the relevant menu. Fresh produce is the thing and when I talk to Benoit I see the enthusiasm in his eyes. He is the boss in the kitchen, but there is no doubt that it is Maryse who is the boss in the restaurant. And it is probably this respect for each other's responsibilities, which means that they, as a married couple, actually make this work. For us as guests, we only experience one thing, - professionalism.

Of course, it can take some time to get the food served when it is a small restaurant where it is almost always full of guests, but Benoit says that in a short time the kitchen will be bigger and you as a guest will get all the benefits. However, I recommend that you remember to book a table in advance.

It may not always be so easy to read the menu here, but personally it is!

One more thing that is important, this is the place for smaller companies, no bigger than six people, the exception is if you are particularly early, so maybe you can fit eight. If you think about it, six people is a great number for you to talk to everyone!

Since I was here to awaken my own memories to write a fresh story, I was going to have the pleasure of tasting, seeing and enjoying seasonal mussels for starters and a unique "fish of the day", namely "Skate Wing", something I had never tasted before. "Season" is another trademark here and the menu changes regularly so that you are guaranteed only the best ingredients.

Let me briefly summarize today's two dishes. First the taste of the fresh mussels which is still in my head when I write this a few days later and the presentation as well. As a starter, this was pure pleasure and joy, as you can see in the picture. The dish was composed of a variety of ingredients to highlight the flavor of the mussels. Not to reveal everything, we could feel and see flavors like garlic, lemongrass, coriander and coconut milk to name a few and the taste, it was perfect. Wooow!

Skate Wing, - a delicacy

The main dishes on the menu at La Famieke change with the seasons, and not least when the ingredients are at their peak. In addition to what the main menu offers, they always have the "fish of the day", which, in my experience, is always a guarantee of top ingredients and exciting flavors. This day Benoit presented a Skate Wing. This was completely new to me, but a wonderful experience. Both the presentation and the flavors were completely unique. The fish was fried and worshiped among other things. with a red wine sauce based on Rioja, chanterelles, mashed potatoes, bacon and bone marrow. This must be defined as a delicacy and enjoyed afterwards. When you eat this fish you can't cut the pieces, but you scrape the fish fillet off the bones which are on something that looks like perforated paper. The meat is white and very tasty.

When you visit this restaurant and you like fish, "today's" is a recommendation you just have to accept. Finally, I would also like to highlight the environment and the service, but remember this is not a place you go to "fast", but with time for coziness and coziness.


Travel and restaurant tips from Marbella in Spain



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