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Italy: Lazise, Pasta course, and wine tasting!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Maybe you are like me! When I go to Italy, I look forward for weeks, if not months, before I pack my suitcase. So when the date of the actual departure approaches, I start dreaming about all the wonderful food and all the flavors. In addition, the excellent wine and not least the atmosphere that the Italians create, just by being themselves! Yes, this makes my brain feel really good!

Now we are going to Lake Garda and a town called Lazise, and to a wonderful wine producer called Tinazzi. Join us and you can learn to make your own pasta! I was here in 2014 and unfortunately did not have all the pictures of the hotel and dining, so it will be a bit simple, but I had a very pleasant experience and therefore, only as a small tip!

Kanalen i Lazie, omkranset av restauranter og hoteller. Foto Ingar Næss. (c)

This is of course also a tip for you who are going on your "normal" holiday, because the offer here only has a limitation and you must be a minimum of two people for the pasta course. As I said, the trip goes to Lazise, ​​which is located right on the shores of Lake Garda, surrounded by beautiful hills and vineyards, as a fantastic backdrop.

If you are not familiar with the local area, Lazise is only 30 minutes from Verona, which in turn is 1.5 hours from Venice, where Norwegian lands. Checked some prices today 15/10-22 Flights from NOK 2,500 on lowfare+ to/from Oslo. Central hotels in Lazise from NOK. NOK 900 to NOK 1,500 and rental car from NOK. NOK 550 at the airport in Venice!

First, some background on this great wine producer.

Tinazzi winery, located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Garda in the Veneto region, was founded in 1968 through the passion and perseverance of Eugenio Tinazzi. The company is now run by his son, Gian Andrea Tinazzi, who was only 18 years old when he started, but already driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Gian Andrea's children, Giorgio and Francesca, joined their father as they grew older to help him oversee the family business and continue the ambitious project of a constantly growing vineyard.

Photo from Tinazzi - here we see one of our historical grape suppliers

I dag er Tinazzi et konsolidert familieeid foretak med flere eiendommer og kjellere lokalisert i Veneto og Apulia. Hovedkvarteret ligger i Lazise, ​​Veneto, hvor hele produksjonen av vinene fra denne regionen overvåkes. Familieeiendommen Tenuta Valleselle ligger på de fortryllende åsene i Gardasjøen og arrangerer matlagingskurs og spesielle arrangementer.

Photo from Tinazzi

A recent acquisition by Tinazzi is Poderi Campopian, home of high-quality Amarone and Valpolicella. In the 2000s, during a trip to the Salento peninsula, Gian Andrea Tinazzi understood the potential of Primitivo and other autochthonous grape varieties and invested in the Feudo Croce estate. Later, Tinazzi winemakers took over the cooperative Cantine San Giorgio, which today controls the entire production of the company in Apulia.

Although the family has made profitable investments in Apulia, the success of the winery is still largely determined by the high reputation of the Valpolicella wines. In order to maximize the production of Amarone and the red wines of the Veneto region, in 2015 Tinazzi opened an "appassimento" center at Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, where the best bunches are carefully selected during harvest, placed on "plateaux", special trays for drying, and stand in a drying room ("fruttaio") until next January before they are de-stalked and crushed.

Told by winemaker: Giuseppe Gallo

A show gesture!

Tinazzi Generation celebrates the Tinazzi family with a special selection of premium wines from Veneto – Amarone Della Valpolicella and Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore and from Puglia Primitivo di Manduria. Andrea, Giorgio, and Francesca Tinazzi chose the wines to represent them and personally signed each bottle. The names of wines are formed from their initials and the year in which they were born.

The Tinazzi family has created the Tinazzi Italian Experience to attract wine lovers of all ages from around the world. In addition to the wines, wine tourists will be able to discover the joys of food and local cuisine, friendship and togetherness, life in the vineyard, and the relationship with the seasons.

Different types of activities make it possible to discover the untouched beauty of Italian places such as the vineyards of Tenuta Valleselle, a charming country house on the beautiful hills of Lake Garda, or Masseria Feudo Croce in Salento, a stone's throw from Lake Garda.

But now we're going to learn about pasta!

Photos from the pasta course. Photo Ingar Næss (c)


If you want to learn and make your own pasta and taste the most wonderful wines.:

If this is something for you, it costs 50 euros for the Pasta course and 10-15 euros for the wine tasting, depending on which three wines you want to taste and learn about.

Here is the standard Arriveprogram.

Arrival at Tenuta Valleselle with your own transport at10:00

Here you learn and prepare your own homemade pasta. In addition, you will learn to prepare a dressing with seasonal vegetables, which will suit the perfect Tiramisù lunch.

Then there will be a departure from Tenuta Valleselle at 2 p.m.

Now we will let the palate get further pleasure, we will taste wines produced by the Tinazzi winery, together with the meals. This is always an exciting and very pleasant meal since it is the guests who have prepared all the food themselves.

The price of the course is 50 euros in 2022.

Photos from the pasta course. Photo Ingar Næss (c)


Wine Tasting in Veneto, there are two more areas, but I want you to use a little time and reed yourself up on the possibilities. Prices are between 10 to 15 euros in 2022 pr activity.

Tastings take place in Lazise, the winery’s headquarters, upon reservation from Monday to Friday for a minimum of 2 people. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) tastings are only upon request for min. 4 people. Max 20 people. Monday to Friday

The maximum duration of tastings is about 1½ to 2 hours.

You can also book a visit to Masseria Feudo Croce with a photographic exhibition and cellar. A walk through the Primitivo vineyards and tasting of four typical wines paired with an appetizer.

Tenuta Valleselle in the Veneto region (Bardolino, Verona) and Feudo Croce in Puglia (Carosino, Taranto) are the ideal places to organize lovely dinners surrounded by vineyards as well as private and cultural events, exhibitions, and workshops. So here you can plan your strategy meeting or other events, that fits in if you are traveling with colleagues.

Photo by Tanzzi

Additional information:

The cooking classes held by Vanessa Lorenzetti – LaSanamente, chef expert in natural cuisine and Health Food Coach, are back at Tenuta Valleselle.

‘Natural Cuisine is more than just simple recipes: it means improving your lifestyle, and your well-being. […] I discovered natural cuisine to deal with some health problems that medicine alone could not solve. I developed a passion for discovering natural foods and recipes that could make the most of the countless beneficial properties of vegetables, pulses, cereal, and oilseeds. I then decided to turn this passion into my job, to transmit my knowledge to people and spread the values and benefits of natural cuisine.

’With these words, Vanessa explains what the concept of ‘natural cuisine’ means to her and how much of a positive impact it can have on our lives.

Cooking classes

By enrolling in one of our three cooking classes, you will get the opportunity to test yourself with three different menus: You must check for 2023 classes, not ready.

We spent the night in Lazise, which is a very nice town, as I said right next to Lake Garda. Don't have any hotel and restaurant recommendations now, sorry!

Have a good trip!

- just get in touch if you have any questions and I'll help you.

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