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Help us find holiday homes in Italy.

Questions from FB

Planning a family trip next summer. Looking to rent a house by a sandy beach. Flights from Norway to? Using trains as a means of transportation in Italy. June or September. Want tips on cozy places by a sandy beach (not a big city) Must have a central train station. Any tips?

Here are my suggestions:

It sounds like a great plan to plan a kid-friendly family trip to Italy next summer! Here are some tips for cozy places by sandy beaches that are accessible by train and suitable for families:

  1. Santa Margherita Ligure: This beautiful seaside town in the Liguria region has a charming atmosphere and a fine sandy beach. The town also has a central train station which makes it easy to explore nearby places such as Portofino and Cinque Terre.

  2. Viareggio: This is a popular seaside resort in the Tuscany region that offers a long sandy beach and a lively holiday environment. Viareggio also has a central train station and is a great starting point for visiting cities such as Pisa and Lucca.

  3. Cattolica: Located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Cattolica offers a long sandy beach and a variety of activities for families. The town also has a train station that provides easy access to other destinations along the Adriatic Sea, such as Rimini and Ravenna.

  4. Cefalù: This is a beautiful seaside town in Sicily known for its wonderful sandy beach and historical charm. Cefalù has a central train station that links it to Palermo and other cities on the island.

When it comes to the flight from Norway, there are several options depending on which city you want to visit.

You can consider flying to cities such as Genoa for Santa Margherita Ligure, Pisa for Viareggio, Bologna for Cattolica, or Palermo for Cefalù.

Check the airlines' route offers and prices to find the best option for you.

When it comes to the best time to travel, both June and September can be good options. The weather is usually warm and sunny in both months, and the amount of tourists is usually less compared to July and August.

When it comes to finding landlords to rent sandy beach houses, there are several online platforms and websites that can be helpful. Here are some popular options:

Airbnb ( Airbnb is a popular platform that offers a wide selection of holiday homes, including houses by sandy beaches. You can search for destinations and filter the results according to your preferences, such as number of guests, amenities and location near train stations.

HomeAway ( HomeAway is another online platform that specializes in holiday homes. You can search for beach houses and use the filtering options to find a place that suits your family. ( Although Booking. com is known for hotel bookings, they also offer a wide selection of apartments, villas and holiday homes. You can search for accommodation near sandy beaches and use filters to find a suitable place with a train station nearby.

When searching for cozy places on sandy beaches that are not big cities, consider Santa Margherita Ligure, Viareggio, Cattolica and Cefalù, which I mentioned above.

These places also have central train stations which make it easy to use the train as a means of transport in Italy.

I hope this helps you find landlords to rent a sandy beach house and plan an amazing family trip next summer! Have a great trip!



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