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Marrakech - Travel tips !

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Fast food in a local corner of Marrakerch,

Travel tips from Marrakech, Morocco.

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If you are considering traveling to Marrakech, do it. Marrakech is a wonderfully exciting city, which you must experience for yourself, yes experience, enjoy and enjoy. Of course, there are many options depending on how much money you want to spend, but if you forget the hotel and think about the experiences, well then the people are the same! It's all about the people, the culture and the experience and all the offers you will get.

Marrakech is Morocco's most beautiful city, and with good reason, say those who know it. The old town of Medina is unique and plays on all its strings to tempt you. Here, the city's rhythm pulsates almost around the clock, with its many craftsmen, musicians, tourists, and not least vendors who keep the streets awake with their loud intense negotiations. The heart is square, and you should experience this both early in the morning and late at night, yes around the clock. Spend time getting to know yourself and then experience the city's fantastic pulse.

Marrakech is a two-part city, and here are some tips.

We often spend the first day and evening walking a bit in and not least outside the most central areas to see and experience the local and the people there, but we stayed within the walls. Feel free to get some current tips from the reception where you have chosen to stay, but with a good guide you will probably get the very best experience.

Some simple tips for you who are considering traveling here.

Tip 1: Travel, - at any time if the heat is not a problem!

Tip 2: Check housing options before choosing.

Tip 3: Get an adult guide, preferably with a newer car, right away!

Tip 4: Do not be naive, everyone wants to sell, as expensive as possible.

Tip 5: Read up on several travel blogs

1. You mostly do not have to wonder if it will be sunny, there is plenty of it, rather think a little about how hot you want it to be at both day and evening temperatures.

Hotel or Riad!

I recommend that you might try both, a couple of nights in a luxury hotel and a few nights in a Riad. A Riad is often a larger private home that has been converted into accommodation. It is filled with local atmosphere and always nice owners. There is a large selection of both, but book as soon as you have decided to travel.

A little NB! check what the price of the hotel is each night. We went for a little bang that we did not discover until we got home and got great variation in the price of accommodation in the room.

Tips 3, 4 and 5: Get an adult guide and do not be naive.

Our experience is that an adult is often a little more balanced, listens a little more to your wishes and does not push as much as the young.

However, they also live by their recommendations and what you shop for. Do not receive anything in hand without the price being agreed. So bargained down to what you think is a good price. Do not be naive, then you will be deceived. Practice it’s no thanks, in a nice but determined way.

Our guide had long experience and a lot of knowledge. He was also a teacher and had a newer car that did not smell of petrol or anything else. Be a little picky. Ask questions. Read up on several blogs and find out what you want to see and experience. Spend two days with your guide. A day where you walk around the old town and one where he drives around in places you would not otherwise walk alone.

We were lucky and found our guide at the airport and started using him as a taxi to the hotel!


When you start looking for the best deals for accommodation in a Riad, there is a lot to choose from. You get good quality from 35euro and up, but if you treat 50-75 you have plenty to choose from.

One example is Riad Miski which has been tastefully restored by a nice French couple. Miski is in the center of the medina, a 15-minute walk from Jemaa El-Fnaa Square. Upon arrival, the host will welcome you with a glass of sweet Moroccan tea, and very detailed information about the area, as well as tips on how to avoid the latest "scammers".

The rooms are all decorated with local crafts and there are several lounges to sit in, relax and dine. Breakfast is included and served on the roof terrace. You can also pay a surcharge to use the hotel's Turkish bath or ask for help booking tours and arranging taxis.


The same applies to the hotels that there is plenty to choose from. As usual, the prices will vary according to the season, but we found a very good hotel Le Naoura Barrière is in a beautiful garden, centrally close to the heart of the medina.

The hotel has a very peaceful atmosphere with luxurious amenities. The suites at Naoura Barrière are spacious, and some also have two bathrooms, as well as beautiful bathrobes and a nice balcony.

We had a wonderful breakfast from a rich breakfast buffet and in the restaurant local dishes of high quality, prepared with fresh ingredients from the market. The hotel bar offers a relaxing place to explore the original cocktail and wine list. The spa has a full range of relaxing treatments and a fitness center. A kids' club with activities and meals is also offered. Top security and otherwise full-service prices from 250euro and up.

When you go out and experience, as I said, use a guide and take the time to see and experience. Ask questions and be interested, do you see something you like haggle and buy. Take the big round and see the artisans and markets, public baths fired by a man, tanning and leather production, etc. There are plenty of museums, but everyone wants to see the Jardin Majorelle, the blue garden

Some facts:

Marrakech Morocco's third largest city and capital of the Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz region. There are a little over a million people living in the city and the language is Arabic with dialects, but French and English go well. Religion is Islam.

An Emirati Arab dirham is about 2.50 NOK. You tip between 5-10% or more if you want. Credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard are ok at larger hotels, shops and fine restaurants, but otherwise cash is the thing!

Regular visas and vaccines are not required, check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs anyway. Do not drink tap water! Then use your head. Little violent crime, but beware of pickpockets and scammers. Do not accept any goods or services without agreeing a price. Despite a lot of police in the streets, it is, as in most major cities, a certain crime. It is recommended not to have visible jewelery and you should take extra care where you store valuables, mobile phone, wallet and passport.

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