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Wow på Roros, Norway!

Updated: May 18, 2022

I guarantee that you not will regret taking a trip to Roros (Røros in norwegian) to dine, woow what a surprises. On the way home to Oslo from Levanger, we decided to drive a few miles extra and eat in Røros, and I want to go back tomorrow! (NB! google translate)

This was my first trip to this great historic place. We took the trip a bit on the kick and unfortunately came after closing time for the shops, but for us a Wednesday in July was our opportunity. It was a bit sad because several of the stores had things we would like to buy. It is always nice to come to new places where artists have settled down, and manage to create a great and exciting atmosphere. When you go to Roros, check activities in the town and opening hours for the shops. But if the food is the most important, well then you have nothing to fear, rather the opposite.

Then you might be thinking why not stay overnight, well it was easy, it was full, well notice if you did not want to use Airbnb.

I read up a bit beforehand and then there is always a good "advance notice" to have with you. Very often we stick our heads in and look around to get a personal impression and this time I am very happy with our choice, which fell on Vertshuset Røros!

This is what they write about themselves:

With roots dating back to the 17th century Vertshuset Røros, offers cozy rooms and apartments right in the center of Roros. The kitchen in the restaurant offers gourmet meals based on good local ingredients.

The inn Roros is located in Rammgaarden, a charming building that has been refurbished in the traditional Roros style in close dialogue with the National Heritage Board. Here you live and eat right in the heart of Roros, where the main house's history dates back to the 17th century.

The kitchen is Vertshuset (Inn) Roros' great pride. Here, the chef and his staff use local quality ingredients and conjure up gourmet meals with clear inspiration from the food traditions and food culture of Røros.

After we had read this, all we had to do was take a look at the menu and see if anything was tempting, and it did - really! I would have liked to have been here for several days to explore the exciting menu, but today it will only be a main course and maybe a little dessert.

My wife's choice fell on Reindeer with kale, onions, cranberries, celery root and steak sauce. Not only did it taste good, but it also looked absolutely gorgeous. It takes a lot to destroy a tenderloin of reindeer, but on the other hand it takes a lot to make it taste like it came straight from the plateau. In addition to a perfectly balanced sauce, this dish gave top vases, it was just absolutely delicious. (my wife's words and she knows what she's talking about)

I chose fried white fish with fresh cabbage roe biscuit roe, chives and miso butter sauce. The fish, which was cod, was perfectly cooked, but that you can make fresh cabbage taste as good as this, then you need to know something extra. The side dishes and sauce were also absolutely lovely, so here I wanted to know more.

Who is the artist or the chef as it is called in the professional language and it was none other than Aleksander Storm.

He has very good references, from his time at several of Scandinavia's Michelin restaurants. So how does a Michelin chef end up in Roros, well there's probably only one reason, love. He and his cohabitant have refurbished the Inn and turned it into a small piece of jewelery. Congratulations.

If you want to drink locally, they serve a very locally good beer and alcohol-free good varieties. You can choose to eat on white tablecloths in the banquet department or in the bar, but the menu is the same. We finished with coffee and a raspberry dessert, it also very good So then just thank you for the food and welcome everyone who takes my recommendation seriously. Have a good trip to Roros!


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