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Palacio Can Marqués, - a palace to live in!

Why should you stay in a hotel, - when you can stay in a palace!

Welcome to Palma de Mallorca and Palacio Can Marqués, where every stone, staircase and window overflows with history. This is a hotel, pallass and or a residence for modern and luxury-loving travellers.

Welcome to Palacio Can Marqués
Welcome to Palacio Can Marqués (c) Ingar Næss

I want to give a small guarantee to those of you who like to enjoy, and dream yourself into the adventurous roots of history that this hotel offers, you will not regret it.

As I said, if you are interested in enjoying yourself in luxury, comfort, design and history, then this is the place for you and your loved one. This applies whether you choose a Jr Suite or an entire apartment. Here you will certainly feel like a sheik with top quality and luxury on offer.

Renaissance is one of the top suites (c) Ingar Næss

Read more about background and history - click here

If you are interested in luxury, comfort, design and history, then this is the place for you and your loved one, whether you choose a Jr Suite or an entire apartment.

It's not every day we can wake up in a palace, but you can quickly get used to it. The service at this great hotel is exactly to my liking, not too much, but just enough. A small guarantee, here they are good at adapting to the individual guests. Since the hotel can only book a few guests, the shoulders quickly drop and for me it only took a few minutes. Imagine the advantage that you never have to wait and stand in long queues, here nothing takes more than a few minutes.- Just wonderful.

Once you get inside and look at the details, you quickly see that everything is real. There are no architects who have tried to change the soul of this building, but only to emphasize it. Lots of love, along with sensitivity, this hotel has been restored into a warm and inviting luxurious urban oasis. So you can just look forward to days of well-being, comfort, pleasure, art and, of course, first-class dining.

Let me say right away that this is something you deserve to experience!

Centrally in the old town.

The hotel is slightly "hidden" in the atmospheric old town of Palma, close to the La Lonja district with its multitude of galleries, bijoux bars and restaurants. The symbolic Paseo del Borne can be reached in just a few minutes on foot, as can the Gothic former fish market, the historic palace of La Almudaina and La Seu, Palma's cathedral.

La Seu, Palma's cathedral (c) Ingar Næss

The nearest beach is only a few kilometers from the hotel, but you don't have to think about that, because the hotel's car drives you to one of its two wonderful Purobeach offers. (preset in a separate article shortly)

In addition, the distance from Palma airport is only 9 km and takes approx. 15 minutes by taxi. There are public underground car parks just a short walk away for those with a rental car.

Style and character

Today's owner, Kim Schindelhauer, offered his internationally renowned designer wife, Aline Matsika, to design today's hotel, a challenge she gladly accepted. The result is a fantastic expression that gives the property style, firmly rooted in its historical past. She also prioritized highlighting the elegant stone arches and ceiling beams and let stylish textiles soften the rooms.

Together with wonderful Murano lighting, uniquely designed and hand-crafted furniture, the rooms together with wonderful works of art highlight the palace in a unique way.

Service and facilities

As I mentioned in the introduction, the staff here are both warm and friendly, and all inquiries are seen as an opportunity to find good solutions. That the hotel is run by The Puro Group is reflected in the relaxed and inviting style and service.

In addition, you will find a pleasant library in the cum lounge on the first floor, and not least offers for those who want massages and other treatments such as the "signature" Love and roses couples massage, and a gym and steam bath with access from the garden.

Guests can also use the spa in one of the other Puro Hotel hotels, this can be reserved at reception.

Here are your options, room, suite or apartment!

Since there are only thirteen units, it also means that here there is little stress and the opportunity for plenty of peace, quiet and privacy.

You will find the fantastic suites behind beautifully renovated and solid wooden doors, each of which has its own almost unique theme and style. This is reinforced by the rooms' names such as Riad, Rose, Cocoon and Azure. It is difficult to find one word to describe the rooms, but beautiful, stylish, perhaps magnificent, is adequate.

You have most likely never stayed in a similar hotel before. With its painstakingly renovated oak and stone fireplaces, exclusive fine silk and wool carpets and custom-made furniture and not least its ceiling height, where the eye meets unique historic ceiling beams.

The rooms have all the technology you need and with centrally controlled lighting from a tablet where you can also order food and drink. The suites' sizes vary from 70m2 to 380m2.

The riad is the largest of all the suites and feels like a private apartment, because with its three bedrooms, a large living room and roof terrace, this is completely unique.

The extravagant poufs with powder blue fringes are casually placed by white marble tables and luxurious taupe sofas form the core of the room.

A shiny beige rug and a dramatic chandelier are offset by graceful taupe curtains and an ornate gilded mirror. An evocative black-and-white photographic panel depicting a scene from the 1964 Jean-Luc Godard film Bande à Part dominates one wall, while at the far end of the room is an eye-catching white four-poster bed.

The osé chest-shaped bedside drawers offer a touch of humor and mischief, while the huge bathroom with dual showers, bathtub and every imaginable indulgence, including luxurious SeaSkin toiletries, is a sybarite's dream.

I myself stayed in the suite with the pleasant name Romance and was 72m2 and is a Suite Delux. There is no need to use more words, the pictures say it all.


The hotel's restaurant, Merchants, has become one of the most sought-after restaurants in Palma. With its elegant interior and atmosphere, the restaurant appears as a natural part of the hotel.

The menu is of course top notch with its grilled steaks, fresh lobster and seafood, they do not disappoint. Here you just have to enjoy yourself. On warm evenings it is also possible to enjoy yourself on the romantic private terrace and in the garden with its lush palms and deciduous trees. It is easy to understand that this can be one of the most sought-after dining experiences in Palma.

Everyone staying at the hotel can enjoy a good breakfast in the beautiful and peaceful garden, of course included in the price. Selection of fruit, cereals and yogurt, cold meats, cheese and egg dishes which were very good, and the fresh orange juice and a lovely cup of coffee (or tea) top off this breakfast.

If you are wondering about the prices of all this glory, it is important to see what you actually get from unique hotel experiences.

Prices for a Jr Suite start from just under NOK 5,000, and for a Riad of 380m2 you have to shell out approx. NOK. NOK 44 to 58,000 per night, but remember, you must book a minimum of 2 nights for this apartment.

Keep in mind that it is not always possible to enjoy your holiday in a palace. Whatever you choose, you will have an incredible experience.

Experience Palma

If you have not been to Palma before, you will surely be left with great memories. You can of course start with the beautiful cathedral, and then you take the trip into the old town. A little something to eat before you start shopping, of which there are loads. You must not forget to visit one of the many galleries.

Stay tuned because I will update with more new articles both on and here on the blog. Will there be more hotels in the same style and experiences and restaurants, you have to test it out.

If you have questions about the hotel, you can find the link here. Click this

Good luck and happy holidays.


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