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Norway's most unique cafe, - with nåko attåt!

- Once upon a time!

Yes, that's how all adventures start, but here it started with a dream and the will to work hard! This is more than a story about a cafe far out in the countryside in the Kingdom of Prussia.

Fru G is far more than a pleasant place to stop for a cup of coffee and something to eat, it is a place that must be experienced. Yes, if you feel like telling your friends or colleagues a good story, then you will find it at Mrs G.

Mrs G,

Vivi-Ann and Asbjørn Gjersing took over this property in 2012, without having a clear plan of what they were going to use it for. Since I know these two well, I can already reveal that this is not a couple that sits with their hands in their laps for long periods of time.

So in 2015 they went a step further and opened the store with a background in their experience from the production of gift items. Previously, they had worked with resale to gift and interior stores all over the country.

The shop did very well and people flocked to the small, slightly different shop. Vivi-Ann had gone with a dream of opening a cafe and that's how it happened.

In 2017, they took the plunge and opened the cafe and served their first cups of coffee and, of course, homemade cakes. The feedback was so good that the extensions have increased from year to year. Even during the pandemic, the outdoor dining was a success, with plenty of space between the chairs and tables, they followed all laws and regulations to the letter.

Today, in addition to the shop and the cafe, Fru G consists of a plaster factory, art workshop and a gallery. In the gypsum workshop you can also experience the entire production process of how the gift items are made. In the gallery you can see paintings, collages and installations, as well as some sculptures. The vast majority are their own productions, but they also have visits from guest exhibitors with great success.

Completely unique, perhaps the only one of its kind - in the whole world!

I would like to pay tribute to the hosts, Asbjørn and Vivian. This is a place that tells many small stories in a very special way and that is what makes Fru G unique!

Vivi-Ann and Asbjørn say that it has been exciting to be able to let their own experience from the interior industry be allowed to flourish, but they have let "the house's history" decide.

When you take a look around the premises, you understand that the old interior is enjoying itself very well here. Don't be surprised when the coffee is served from old porcelain jugs and in old cups.

Here we must make a short stop and not forget those who love tea, because they can experience something completely out of the ordinary, if they wish.


For tea enthusiasts, Fru G offers something very special with her "Afternoon Tea", which is quite on par with what you get served at more well-known restaurants. Afternoon The or Æftas Te as it is called there, is served every day during opening hours Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00.

Æfta's tea is incredibly popular with Fru G, must be ordered 2 days in advance. A little extra service is offered for larger events in or outside normal opening hours by agreement.

On the website you can read:

Our own version of "Afternoon Tea"...Do you want a "classy" experience together with your group of friends, the sewing club or whoever...? Remember to pre-order our Æftas tea and create your/their own "happening" link

I read somewhere it said:

It wouldn't surprise me if the king and queen take a trip up here, because there is something "royal" about the whole arrangement. I completely agree with this.

Vivi-Ann and Asbjørn have managed to create a place that tells many small stories, where the past meets the present in a way that enriches far more than the local community. Through her passion and creativity, Fru G invites visitors to take part in this unique experience that celebrates both the old and the new, through art, food and social community.

Picture from the upper part of the garden!

When I visited, in early May (2024), there was a lot of activity to get the beautiful garden ready where the outdoor dining takes place, but the guests stopped by. Some sat outside and enjoyed a good cup of coffee and apple cake with ice cream and custard, but others chose the pleasant environment inside. In the kitchen, they worked as if serving fresh dishes to all the guests.

Here Vivi-Ann is preparing the food for her guests in the cafe at FruG.

Since the demand is so great both from small and, not least, large groups of over 70 people, they are in the process of setting up a new exciting part, which will turn time back a notch. It's just to be happy. At the time of writing, I receive a message that this has also been a success.



The last one was a wedding, where the bride and groom came striding down the stairs, stopped on the landing and were patted down to the reception where the champagne was served.


I wish good luck and good luck to anyone who feels tempted.

Welcome, I can guarantee that you are.

Vivi-Ann and Asbjørn Gjersing with their staff
Vivi-Ann and Asbjørn Gjersing with their staff

How to find out:

It's not really difficult, because you just follow the E6 whether you're coming from the south or the north. If you plot FruG on Rudshøgda, Åshøgdvegen, it is 5 minutes from E6 Åshøgdvegen 454, 2360 Rudshøgda Telephone 93 40 43 80

link to

A little history about the property, for those who are interested in it.

The building itself dates from 1850 and was previously a coach station from 1864 to 1873. So around 1900, a general store was established here, Eriksruds Landhandel, which kept it going until 1975. There has also been a post office and on the second floor there was a period private school here.

There has been a lot of life here with animal shows and big festive dinners, in addition to all that life has brought with it. The animal shows and the subsequent dinners were a pleasant time for farmers and their families who came from far and near to share news. The festive dinners with plenty of food, music and dancing strengthened the community's bonds well into the wee hours. Yes, sometimes he hissed from a bygone to be heard in the walls.





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