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Wine tip: Chianti Classico Riserva 2018

This was a wonderful wine for a wonderful sirloin! Carpineto Chianti Classico Riserva 2018 is a red wine from Chianti Classico in Tuscany, Italy.

Now it must be said that I am convinced that this wine also tastes wonderful with both outside and tenderloin, in addition to good steaks. The turkey will also love this Chianti just as much and you shouldn't miss out on testing it for delicious pasta dishes.

The wine is made mainly from Sangiovese grapes, with small amounts of Canaiolo and other local grape varieties. The wine is aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months before bottling, which gives it a complex and rich flavor profile. Carpineto Chianti Classico Riserva 2018 has aromas of red and dark fruits, such as cherries and plums, along with hints of vanilla and spices. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and well-structured, with flavors of ripe red fruits, tobacco, and leather, as well as a firm tannin backbone and a long finish. All in all, Carpineto Chianti Classico Riserva 2018 is a delicious and well-balanced wine that goes well with powerful meat dishes and rich pasta dishes. It is also a great choice for storage in your wine cellar as it will continue to develop and improve for years to come. Price NOK 230,- Basic selection Cattle, Lamb and Sheep Characteristics, Freshness 8 out of 12, Fullness 9 out of 12, Tannins 8 out of 12 Style, storage and raw material, taste and aroma are Fresh and fruity, Ready to drink now, but can also be stored, Canaiolo 20, Sangiovese 80, Alcohol percentage 14%, Acid 5.2g, Sugar Under 3 g/l Smell: Aroma characterized by ripe dark berries, hints of herbs, licorice and integrated barrel. Taste Slightly developed, notes of ripe dark berries, licorice, herbs and barrel, firm aftertaste with good length. Color Deep red. Country, district Italy, Tuscany, Chianti Classico Manufacturer Carpineto Suitable for light meat, beef, lamb and sheep Characteristics, Freshness 8 out of 12, Fullness 9 out of 12, Tannins 8 out of 12

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