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Travel tip: Hotel Britannia, Trondheim.

This travel tip was written in 2021 and the infection was finally down in Trondheim. Now we were finally going to visit one of Norway's finest five-star hotels, the Britannia in Trondheim. In addition, we had planned a walk in the city and my first trip into Nidaros Cathedral, yes, we were looking forward to this trip.

Expectations were high and since it had been two years since we had last visited a five-star hotel, we were excited. We, or rather my wife, had booked an overnight package with dinner and breakfast buffet in Palmehaven. We had booked in and I wanted to check around the hotel a bit before we went to eat. So I took a short walk and outside the entrance to Palmehaven hung the proof, - the Michelin chef's jacket. I was looking forward to this! Now I will be completely honest, because my summary after the visit was that this could not be true, based on what we had experienced. I also admit that I had not read on the hotel's website, but only all the positive statements in the press, it was stupid because then I would have shown better. I thought we had booked an overnight package at the hotel's Michelin restaurant, but at the time no. The reason I am writing this is so that you, the reader, do not make the same mistake as me. However, I would like to give a small "note" to the hotel! Be more clear that only the Hall of Mirrors has a Michelin star in the hotel and move the picture with the jacket from the entrance to the Palmehaven. Brief introduction: The venerable Britannia Hotel was resurrected in April 2019 as a five-star hotel and member of Leading Hotels of The World, after an extensive total renovation of almost 3 years, worth over NOK 1.2 billion. In its heyday, Britannia Hotell was a lively place - a pulsating meeting point for the city's population, always early to show the residents of Trondheim the latest news from Europe. As the preferred accommodation for prominent guests from home and abroad, the hotel has also had a cosmopolitan spirit about it.

Since its opening in 1870, the hotel has, through several additions and renovations, developed into what we know today. Trondhjem's classic five-star hotel, with Palmehaven as the obvious centerpiece. So to my experience of Britannia and some tips on the road to Trondheim. Britannia has become a great hotel, so there is nothing to be happy about. The hotel has everything in terms of service, but to get full enjoyment and a little more. If you want to be received like royalty, you just have to dress up, hire a "limmo" and then enjoy all the service you are offered from the moment you stop outside the hotel. No, I'm just kidding. The doorman and his crew are very pleasant and professional, here everyone is welcomed in a dignified manner. If you need parking assistance (if you have booked in advance) you will get it and of course everyone gets help with suitcases. When you enter the reception, it oozes quality, pleasant and helpful receptionists and good order. Remember, if you order a "package", ask that you want a room close to the lift, otherwise it may be a long walk. So think through what you order and whether it lives up to expectations, make a phone call to be absolutely sure. Ask all the questions just to make sure you haven't misunderstood anything. The trip from the reception up to the room consisted of an advanced lift and lots of art on the walls, all depending on which floor you get.

The room we were allocated was absolutely good, good beds, top bedding and not least good pillows.

The bathroom was also good, but a bit clumsy as everything was supposed to look old. So when you have to take a shower, you have to work a bit to get the temperature right, the thermostat was not a priority. I also missed a few more hooks on the walls to hang clothes on. When I'm in a hotel, I like to unpack and hang up my clothes, and here there was a perfectly fine cupboard. If you are going to spend some of the time watching TV, you will not see the TV until you switch it on, because it is placed behind a reflective glass. Forgive me, but this was just stupid. In order to see someone well, we had to draw the curtains and turn off all the lights, to avoid a lot of reflections. Fortunately, this was not a problem for us, since the TV was to be left alone as long as we were there. As I said, I took a little walk in the hotel's stairs and corridors, and if you like art and interiors, a walk in the corridors will be a pleasant experience in itself.

I took some photos myself where I shot through a glossy surface to get some specular reflections on some great flower arrangements.

Now we were looking forward to dinner in Palmehaven and finally at a Michelin restaurant, - no it didn't happen and it was mostly my own naivety that was the cause of this downturn. Well then I'll start again!

This is what the hotel itself says: Palmehaven is an institution in Trondheim, for both culinary and cultural events. The house's great room serves hotel breakfast for hotel guests, great party menus for dinner. Here you get the best ingredients in season, preferably with a historical inspiration.

We get a central table at the back and can enjoy the beautiful venue, which was full of expectant guests. The table was made for at least two people, so it was a bit difficult to get everything, but it was nicely decorated and everything was ready for a pleasant dinner.

We had chosen a summer package which included a dinner in Palmehaven. The menu consisted of 3-course meal with a great wine recommendation with 4 types of selected wines. (the wine was of course also included) From the menu we chose scallop carpaccio, fennel crudite, trout roe "Brilliant", yuzu mayonnaise and fresh citrus dressing and White asparagus, ham from Hogna, crusty bread and vinaigrette. This was absolutely gorgeous.

For the main course we both chose pepper beef, tenderloin of beef from Røros, green bean and onion salad, French fries and creamy pepper sauce. This was also good, but a little tame to be served in a five star hotel.

The highlight was the wines, which were actually absolutely delicious. They were also presented by a very knowledgeable sommelier, who also had a twinkle in his eye and was a bit funny as well. It's also nice when waiters talk to you and not just to you.

Then there was dessert and coffee. It is always important that this type of restaurant is not sloppy with the coffee, a bad coffee, for those of us who are concerned with the taste of coffee, can give both extra points and major setbacks. Now we were excited. We had ordered almond cake with baked rhubarb from Charlottenlund, milk chocolate cream "Jivara", fresh strawberries and thick milk sorbet and coffee! This was also very good, but nothing wow. In addition, the coffee was a bit standard, perhaps a Nespresso. Yes, it's easy, but no one wins. Overall, even though expectations were a six, they get a strong five, so this is definitely a thumbs up. The wine waiter and the wines get a clear six. Welcome to breakfast. This is what the hotel itself says about this topic: Five-star hotel breakfast In Palmehaven and Britannia's historic lounges, we serve a five-star hotel breakfast where guests can order from our á la carte menu or from one of our manned buffet stations. There we offer freshly made omelettes, crepes and Belgian waffles, as well as charcuterie with hams and delicious cheeses. At breakfast, a large selection of homemade cold cuts, fresh bread and pastries and dishes prepared from the season's best local ingredients are served. I don't quite know what to add to the menu, it was exquisite and the food tasted very good. What is unfortunately a bit of a draw is that, even in a five star hotel, they hire uneducated and inexperienced waiters for breakfast! Unfortunately, they were inattentive and quickly forgot.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay, and we'll have to give them another chance in a few years, when expectations are lower, so maybe they'll surprise. Tips for making your stay as good as possible: Remember to read up on the hotel's website. If you want a Michelin menu and serving, it's in the Speilsalen. Be out in good time with your orders, ask for a room close to the lift, if you don't want to walk far to get to the room. Book a parking space, also in good time, if you want it at the hotel, but it is far more expensive than walking 200m down to the nearest car park. Are you interested in delicious food and want a trip to Røros- read this

Trondheim city, a little walk. Then it was ready for a little walk in Trondheim city and we were going to, among other things, visit Nidaros Cathedral.

Finally, for this I had wanted for a long time, so to make sure we got in we went straight up to buy a ticket. There was a long line, but one of the guards said it was easier to buy online. I never thought I would get a real "woow" when I had to book one online, but this was a revelation. Congratulations to Nidarosdomen, this is the absolute best booking I have ever used. It was just as easy as a booking service should be, congratulations. Well then we were ready for the next revelation.

Nidaros Cathedral is a beautiful building on the outside, but when you enter it has all the great architecture of the old masters. I can sit and write pages up and down, but stand up and take a look yourself. My suggestion is, as always, plan and book well in advance, so you don't have to wait to join the tours, then just follow along.

After our walk inside Nidaros Cathedral, it was off to the city and here it's just a question of how much time you want to set aside. It had been a long time since we had taken the time to stroll around the city so we did.

We chose to go through the old cemetery at the back of Nidaros Cathedral and read a bit on all the tombstones, go down to the Nidelven and over the old city bridge over to Bakklandet and get down to Sydhavnen and over to Olav Tryvassonsgate and around the area there and then back to the hotel for lunch.

I also stopped by the Trondheim Art Museum, if that is within your area of ​​interest, there were great and exciting exhibitions here. I had a good time.

Well, a few words about the lunch that we had at the outdoor restaurant at the hotel, Brasserie Britannia, before we had to travel on. We ordered mussels which tasted very good, it was a large portion so we were good and full. Since this is intended as a tip for those of you who want to learn a bit about other people's experiences, we were a little surprised at the prices out on the street.

Yes, it tasted good, but I don't always look at the price, I go for what I want. Here it was a little more expensive than I had expected, since we sat outside on the pavement.

Regardless, Trondheim is a great city and Britannia almost lives up to its reputation, if I'm being completely honest.

History of Britannia: 1870 Britannia opens its doors. 1888 The hotel's first brick building, the West Wing, is built. 1895 Construction of the East Wing begins. 1897 Hjørnet (Britannia Café) opens on 17 May. 1918 Palmehaven opens, designed by architect Fritz Martin Bachke. 1924 The hotel goes bankrupt, and is taken over by Kristoffer N. Stensrud. The hotel remains in the Stensrud family's ownership until 1985. 1953 The wooden building in Apotekerveita 10 burns down. The buildings at no. 10 and 12 are set on fire. 1954 New building in Apotekerveita is completed. 2015 EC Dahls Eiendom takes over ownership of Britannia. Plans for renovation are being made. 2019 Reopening of the hotel. Travel tips from Norway, Trondheim and a great five star hotel, Britania. Explore Norway



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